Movie Review: Big Dick Bottoms 2

 We love a good vers performer, and in “Big Dick Bottoms 2” from Corbin Fisher, we get to see tops show off their bottoming skills.

Rocky (Rocky Tate) and Henry are a well-matched pair: each of them is six feet tall with a lean, toned body. Henry is usually known for topping, but on this occasion, he learns how to take a deep dicking from Rocky. The result is a sweaty, cummy good time for both of them.

Elian and Max are a couple of gorgeous, passionate CF favorites with awesome chemistry. Max usually takes a dominant role, but Elian is in charge this time, and he loves every second of bossing Max around and owning his hole. Elian’s Dom top energy gets Max off big time, and it does the same for us.

At the gym together, Evan shows Elye Black (aka Dave) what it’s like to gag on a big dick and get pounded up against weight machines. Elye is in rare form (literally, given his usual tendency to top), but he takes to bottoming like a natural. Evan also indulges his foot fetish.

Josh and Colin Hart (aka Connor) are enjoying a holiday together in Argentina. While they’re out in the city, Josh snaps some sexy photos of Colin. In the hotel room, they work out all the sexual tension that has been building between them all day. Colin lays Josh on the desk and fucks him. Then, after riding Colin in reverse cowgirl, Josh bends over the desk so Colin can drive all the way up into his guts and pound him even harder, leading to a cum-soaked finish.

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