Movie Review: Boy For Sale: The Boy Austin

Watch Boy For Sale: The Boy Austin on AEBNThe exclusive new release “Boy for Sale: The Boy Austin” from Carnal Media delivers deep, dark, dirty secrets in a beautiful package. If you want to indulge your lust for twinks being groomed and trained into perfect fuck toys, look no further than this delicious tale of an exquisite youth who gives himself over to the absolute pleasures of transactional lust.

Austin Young has always wanted something more than vanilla sex. Looking for something extraordinary, he submits himself to a secret society for consideration, where he’s appraised like the object he wishes to become. Right away they recognize that Austin has the potential to be a prized submissive. They take the boy in and train him until he has no desire to be anything other than a hole to be used. Of course, Austin can only give his virginity once, but his hole remains so tight that it feels like the first time every time. His purely submissive nature makes him an ideal plaything for the rich and powerful men who will pass him around, just as he’s always dreamed about.

When Master Felix strips Austin’s clothes off, inspects his sweet cherry ass, and drenches his smooth body in oil, Austin trembles in anticipation of the thorough examination he will receive, whatever it may entail. But Master Felix is a man who delights in making his submissive wait for the best part, and he’s not about to let this boy cum before his time. Master Felix uses his fingers and toys to probe Austin’s hole, never giving him his cock, because this hole belongs to the highest bidder.

Austin is put up for auction and presented to the bidders from head to toe, wearing nothing but a bow tie. The boy loves being on display like a piece of meat. His eagerness to please shines through, and the bids come fast and furious as his smooth, tender genitals are fondled, teased, and slapped. The bidders can see that the merchandise is still tight, as though it’s never even been touched.

Master LeGrand Wolf wins the auction and brings his pretty new toy boy home. Austin’s ecstasy is undeniable as his new owner discovers every inch of his body. New, thrilling sensations overtake the twink’s body and mind as the older man claims his prize. At last, when Master LeGrand has satisfied his curiosity about his new plaything’s external beauty, it’s time to explore his inner depths. As the Master penetrates the boy’s tight hole with his big, throbbing dick, Austin’s bliss at finally getting fucked is written all over his cute face.

The best part is that this new career as a professional sub to be passed around, rented like a piece of equipment, is only beginning for young Austin.

“Boy for Sale: The Boy Austin” from Carnal Media is potently erotic, with an intoxicating way of making you ache for more after the last scene is over. Austin Young is a porn It Boy, a favorite in the twink genre who has a real gift for submission and looks delicious doing it. This is a stunning voyage of sexual discovery you don’t want to miss.

Stars:   Austin Young   Master Felix   Master Legrand
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Carnal Media  Boy For Sale

Watch Boy For Sale: The Boy Austin on AEBNWatch Boy For Sale: The Boy Austin on AEBN