Movie Review: Break My Ass

break my ass, liam cole, treasure island media, bareback, gay, pornDirector Liam Cole has won the Best New Fetish Movie award two years in a row. This week, Break My Ass makes its debut and it’s exactly the kind of movie that could add to his trophy shelf. This Treasure Island Media release features many of the sexiest, most ravenous cum pigs from all over the world, fucking in pairs and threesomes, sucking and flip-fucking like their lives depend on it.

American silver daddy Adam Russo loses his ever-loving mind over Italian stud Letterio Amadeo’s beautifully shaped, uncut cock. Letterio can’t get enough of Adam’s hairy hole. These two bearded, muscular horn dogs are sexy as hell, of course, and they have a chemistry that’s undeniable.

Brawny, bald brother Cutler X gives lucky British lad Nathan Gear a powerful drilling. Cutler’s massive American beef is enough to have any bottom begging. More than that, though, Cutler knows exactly what to do with his endowment. He is relentless, pushing Nathan beyond his normal limits. This interracial fuck is intoxicating!

Letterio returns for a one-on-one ramming with Christopher Daniels, a gingery, bearded American bottom. Christopher’s muscular ass cheeks look so appetizing as he spreads out on the bed, face-down and gripping the edge of the mattress as Letterio fucks him from above.

JJ is a masked Italian top who rises to the challenge when cocky Spaniard Aaron Steele says “break my ass.” Aaron has quite a mouth on him, but in his defense, he does manage to take what JJ dishes out to him… all nine inches of it.

In Berlin, Lucky Joe and Wolfgang show some German hospitality to Italian hunk Pierre Sias in an epic flip-flopping threeway. Pierre has plenty of ass for Joe and Wolfgang to share.

Matteo Lambini is an Italian top with a dad bod. Jake Ascott, also an Italian, is Matteo’s beautiful boy. First it’s Jake’s turn to get fucked, but then he turns around and pounds Matteo’s daddy hole raw. If you like your Daddies with meat on their bones, then the bearish Matteo will do it for you.

Toffic, a pig bottom from Sweden, tells Letterio Amadeo to break his ass. Letterio gives it to him hard and dumps plenty of cum in his hole, being an aggressive top who lives for breeding as much as Toffic lives for getting bred.

Even after all that, Toffic is greedy for more dick. He gets plenty from Drew Sebastian, a horse-hung American stud who pins him to the bed and treats him like a fuck toy.

Drew still has enough seed to give Letterio Amadeo, and he’s also up for a deep pounding as the two of them flip in a real power play. It’s hard to say who gets the upper hand here, but ultimately it’s just a fun ride for a couple of versatile fuckers who enjoy getting rough.

Letterio gets used one last time as he takes on Freddy Miller, a beefy Brit who usually tends to bottom. Freddy is loving the chance to take a crack at Letterio’s well-fucked hole!

Streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD, Break My Ass from Treasure Island Media is packed with ten scenes of hardcore bareback fucking.

Stars:   Letterio Amadeo   Matteo Lambini   J.J.   Wolfgang   Cutler X   Adam Russo   Christopher Daniels   Lucky Joe   Pierre Sias   Jake Ascot   Aaron Steel   Drew Sebastian   Nathan Gear   Toffic   Freddy Miller
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media 

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