Movie Review: Breeding Season 2

Hang onto your penises, because it’s “Breeding Season” once more! Breeding Season 2 is serving more than two and a half hours of legendary director Paul Morris’ brand of over-the-top “pure fuck action.” If you’ve ever watched a Treasure Island Media movie, then you know exactly what that means. Morris has built his career on the simple yet brilliant practice of putting together mega-masculine men who truly love to fuck hardcore and recording the action with his camera. It’s what has made the studio one of the most successful in the industry. TIM sex is raging, raw rutting.


Breeding Season 2 is another stunning example of TIM/Morris porn at its best. These are some of the most savage sex fiends Morris could find and he pushed them to give it their all in every frame.


If you’re into group sex, then you’re going to live for the gangbang in scene two featuring Christian the famous    power bottom, whose poor little hole took a week to recover from the pummeling and the creamy overload! Talk about a mega fuck. It’s a gangbang like only TIM does them – wild and urgent, almost as if they’re fucking for their lives. Another group fuck can be ogled in scene eight, a hot and heavy 3-way.


There are some equally steamy one-on-ones here, if that’s more your thing. You’ll see Lito Cruz power-thrusting his way into Seth and, later, Brad McGuire pounding John Sullivan’s ass.


These well-hung tops are some of the wildest man fuckers around, and the talented bottoms are never afraid of letting their poor, punished holes get sloppy. Cream pie aficionados will be happy. For that matter, so will anyone who feels the call of the wild when it comes to man-on-man action.


Stars:   Derek *   Christian (TIM)   Lito Cruz   Matias   Amir   Curtis   Jonny   Ray Dalton   Kurt Wood   Jasper Adams   Jake Woods   Jessy Karson   J.C. Woof   Derek Anthony   Calvin (TIM)   Seth (TIM)   John Sullivan   Caedon Chase   Lucca Mazza   Allen Undor   Daxx Maxxon   Gavin Strong   Haleem   Jake Phillips   Joe Rocco   Mike Mexitop   Mike Smith   B.J. Slater   Brad McGuire   Josh   Mark   Chad   Jerry Stearns   Tober Brandt   Armando Cortez   Craig

Categories: Muscles   Bareback   Anal   Hardcore   Threeway   Pigs   High Definition

Running Time: 157 minutes

Released: 07/2010

Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

Series:   Breeding Season

Director:   Paul Morris

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