Movie Review: Bromancing the Bone 2

If you were around in the ’80s, then the title Bromancing the Bone 2 might have the theme song to a certain movie of that decade with a similar name lodged in your head… at least until you start watching and forget all about anything but the sizzling, condomless amateur str8 bait action that’s unfolding before your eyes!


Now in his second video with Joe Schmoe Productions, Chris (cousin of Joe Schmoe regular Blaze, who also appears later on) sneaks over to the set to give it his all for another round. He was nervous the first time, but this time it’s clear that he’s psyched to get his dick sucked! The last time Chris was on camera he admitted that he doesn’t masturbate all that much, which may be why he doesn’t last long when Joe Schmoe starts blowing him.


Meanwhile, Blaze and Brian decide to try and run a train on Joe. Their plans to surprise him don’t quite work out as planned, but Joe has fun in a threeway with both young cocks before taking a huge load in the face.


Later, while they’re all hanging out one night, Joe notices that Brian has a bit of a crush on Blaze even though they’re both supposedly straight with steady girlfriends. Of course, the fact that he’s been involved with both of them in man-on-man action means that they’re really not completely straight after all. Joe decides he’s going to let nature take its course with these two… with his camera at the ready of course.


The two best friends act on their curiosity, exploring each other’s hot young bodies tentatively. They’re nervous at first, but finally Blaze decides to let Brian fuck him in the ass! Brian is eager to shove his uncut cock in Blaze’s guts and Blaze takes it just like the slut he is, in several positions, and finally gets blasted with a sticky load in the face.


The next day, Blaze surprises Brian with a huge load of his white boy cum in the mouth before he even knows what hit him. Blaze flips Brian over and grudge-fucks his buddy. In the end, Blaze gets off and is even willing to take Brian’s cum in his face again. Ah, “bromance.” It’s sweet and tender.


Stars:   Blaze (Joe Schmoe)   Brian (Amvc)   Chris (AMVC)   Joe Schmoe

Categories: Amateur   New Release   Bareback   Anal   Str8 Bait

Running Time: 115 minutes

Released: 04/2012

Studio Name:   Joe Schmoe Productions

Series:   Bromancing The Bone

Director:   Joe Schmoe

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