Movie Review: Brother Crush 3

brother crush 3, bareback network, taboo, gay, Michael Del Ray, Connor Halsted, Zach BrentonBen, Alex, and Dean are stepbrothers who have an especially tight bond. There’s never a dull moment around the house when at least two of these young men are together, and in “Brother Crush 3” from Bareback Network, we see four raw taboo scenes so hot you’ll almost feel guilty about how much you get off on them. Don’t let that stop you!

Alex (Connor Halsted) is taking a bath when Dean (Zach Brenton) asks if he can join him. There’s no way that Alex will pass up a chance to be naked with this twink’s bubble butt right there in front of him, so he says yes. As Dean soaps up, Alex’s cock stiffens. Soon, Dean stands up so Alex can access his ass. Alex probes Dean’s pucker and starts to finger-fuck him. Dean sucks Alex’s uncut dick until Alex can’t wait another second to bend his stepbrother over and stick it in his little hole, pounding hard and filling him with a hot cream pie.

Dean is going to be late for class if he can’t get a ride from his oldest stepbrother, Ben (Michael Del Ray), who agrees to give Dean a ride in exchange for a blowjob. School is really important to Dean, and really he doesn’t mind sucking cock one bit because Ben is so hot, but it’s got to be a quickie. Ben has no intention of rushing this, though. Dean does such a good job that Ben wants to see if that tight asshole feels as good as his mouth. While Dean rides Ben, he frantically jerks out a load as his big brother encourages him in his deep, sexy voice. There’s no time to clean up, so Dean just pulls his underwear and pants back on, left with no option but to feel that sticky cum seeping out of his hole all day!

At the end of a long day of agonizing arousal, Ben wants to fuck Dean again. He can’t stop thinking about how great his younger stepbrother’s hot mouth and tight ass felt. Dean puts down the ball he’s been playing with and fondles the balls that his brother offers him. Feeling adventurous, Dean wants to experience topping. Ben and Dean get Alex into the action for a bareback brotherly threeway on the patio.

Now that the three stepbros have experienced each other as a group, Ben becomes obsessed with doing it again. He even gets turned on by the sight of the younger two doing their chores. When Alex and Dean take a break, he shows them his hard-on and they can’t wait to experience that big, uncut dick again. After all the fucking, Dean is the lucky one to get his oldest brother’s cumshot all over himself.

“Brother Crush 3” from Bareback Network is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Michael Del Ray   Connor Halsted   Zach Brenton
Studio Name:   Bareback Network

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