Movie Review: Brothers Share

Watch Brothers Share on AEBNThis week, we’re finding out just how sexually generous siblings and other partners are willing to be with our feature: “Brothers Share” from Next Door Raw, directed by Rocco Fallon and Cameron Dalile.

Donte Thick and his boyfriend, Chad Piper, have a hot roommate who they like to mess around with sometimes. One day, their roommate’s equally good-looking younger brother, Scott Finn, shows up when big bro isn’t at home. Donte and Chad are delighted to see that Scott looks exactly like their roommate, so they decide to invite little bro to bed with them. Donte, Chad, and Scott are quickly entangled in some torrid dick-in-mouth action, which leads to the inevitable raw threeway fucking. What will Scott’s brother say when he finds out that his roommates fucked his little brother? Maybe there will be even more fun on the way for all of these guys.

Mark Long invites his stepbrother, Roman Todd, to come over and join in while he’s balls-deep in his new fuck buddy, Ty Thomas. It’s going to be a nice surprise for Ty when he finds out that not one, but two brothers have been tag-teaming his ass while his face was buried in a couch cushion. Watching Roman pounding Ty’s hole inspires Mark to get in behind his stepbrother and take him from behind. Ty finally figured out that the two brothers have played a trick on him, but he has to admit that Roman’s big dick feels just as good as Mark’s, and they three of them carry on with their hot, raw threesome. Mark and Roman take turns riding Ty, and when Ty can’t take another moment without popping, Mark tries to ride Roman instead. It turns out Roman can’t hold in his load for long enough to let Mark enjoy the full ride he wants, so Roman and Ty help Mark get off the best way they know how: a double blowjob.

Hot daddy Sean Maygers is a debate moderator who benefits from the healthy competition between Scotty Dickenson and Michael Del Ray, two young men who both desperately want to win. Sean tells the guys that whoever can convince him they want it more than the other will win. Scotty makes the first play by moving in and starting to kiss Sean’s muscular neck. Not to be outdone, Michael easily steps in and begins to try and outdo every move Scotty makes. All Sean really has to do is enjoy the attentions of two delicious twunks who will suck his cock and open their asses for him—anything to be the master debater. In the end, everyone in this 3-way is a winner.

Ty Derrick and his partner Darin Silvers want to bring their new lawn caretaker, Connor Halsted, into a business-meets-pleasure scheme. Connor is totally down to fuck for fun and profit, especially with a hot couple like Ty and Darin. Connor gets on his knees and lets the other two men joust in his greedy mouth. All three guys take turns flip-fucking—one especially hot sequence involves Ty getting spit-roasted. Darin gets to make Ty cum, then Darin and Connor plaster Ty with their hot spunk.

We’ve got “Brothers Share” from Next Door Raw exclusively on VOD, so don’t miss out!

Stars:   Scott Finn   Chad Piper   Donte Thick   Ty Derrick   Scotty Dickenson   Sean Maygers   Mark Long   Darin Silvers   Roman Todd   Michael DelRay   Connor Halsted  
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw 

Watch Brothers Share on AEBNWatch Brothers Share on AEBNWatch Brothers Share on AEBNWatch Brothers Share on AEBN