Movie Review: Bulldog Raw’s “Army Breeding”

army breeding, bulldog raw, bareback, military, uniform, british, euro, gay, porn, nathan hope, antonio miracle, jason domino, johannes lars, skikes, drew kingston, a.j. alexanderFrom Bulldog Raw (Bulldog Studio and Eurocreme Group) comes Army Breeding, a new addition to your spank bank that’s full of the hottest soldiers you ever saw, and they’re getting into some searing-hot condomless action that packs plenty of fuck for the buck. All training and no fucking makes a soldier cranky, so it’s no wonder these youthful recruits would rather spend time getting naked and sweaty with their brothers-in-arms.

Bald-headed stud Jason Domino and gorgeous Frenchman Nathan Hope are spending their down time playing poker, but soon Nathan uses an unfair advantage to distract Jason from the game: pulling out his big dick, which is already at half-mast. The game is forgotten and Jason tosses the cards aside. They have the barracks all to themselves and their passionate kisses quickly lead to Jason thrusting deep into his bunkmate’s hungry raw hole! Jason’s pounding is so intense that it looks like the bed could break. Later, Nathan flips Jason over and plunges into his bare ass. Jason bites the pillow and takes every inch of that big, beautiful French cock. Nathan creams Jason’s raw hole and in turn he takes Jason’s jizz in his mouth.

In his irresistible Scottish accent, cute young soldier AJ Alexander makes an excuse to get off the phone with his girlfriend. He’s telling her that he loves her while ogling his muscular bunkmate, Antonio Miracle, who’s deliberately showing off all his best angles while working out nearby. Antonio confronts AJ with a bulge in his boxers, which the adorable Scot grabs hard and shoves into his mouth. AJ forgets all about his girlfriend as he deep-throats Antonio down to the balls and indulges in a condom-free flip-fuck with his brother-in-arms. They both end up sweaty, spunk-drenched, and totally satisfied.

Skikes has been sneaking a morning jerkoff session, but then he hears his bunkmate, Nathan Hope, waking up and pretends to be asleep. Nathan notices the fly of Skikes’ boxers is open, revealing a hint of chubby, and he takes the opportunity to satisfy both of their libidos. Skikes is more than receptive when Nathan presents his own half-erect cock, and he quickly sucks him to full hardness. At first Skikes struggles to take all of Nathan in his ass, judging by his yelling and moaning, but Nathan pushes on inside. Their raw fucking leads to a messy conclusion, and Skikes is happy to lick Nathan’s dick clean.

Black soldier Drew Kingston wakes up in the middle of the night with a hard-on. In the next bed lies slim, pale-skinned, strawberry blond twink Johannes Lars. After Drew wakes him up with his boner, Johannes is eager to give him a place to put it!  Drew fucks Johannes’ face and then his tight white ass, using no condom and only spit for lube. That thick black dick looks even bigger between those butt cheeks, and Johannes gets stretched to the limit. Drew pushes his load into Johannes’ still-hungry hole, and when the ginger twink is ready to pop he coats Drew’s entire face with a thick load.

Army Breeding from Bulldog Raw is a bareback exclusive here on AEBN.

Stars:   Nathan Hope   Antonio Miracle   Jason Domino   Johannes Lars   Skikes   Eden (m)   Drew Kingston   A.J. Alexander
Studio Name:   Bulldog Studio  Eurocreme Group

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