Movie Review: Captive Men

In Captive Men, sexy jocks find themselves tied up like captives in the locker room in some of the highest-rated scenes from


Scene one features John Magnum with his wrists and ankles tied to a stool, wearing nothing but a jockstrap. Watching this muscular, crew-cut sporting stud struggle to get free is delicious. In the second scene John is tied to a stool again, only this time he’s blindfolded and seated on the stool in his workout shorts, wrists bound behind his back. Later his blindfold is removed, but his cock and balls are now tied to the stool! Talk about predicament bondage. His erection tells the tale, though. When he finally manages to get free, the first thing John does is take care of that raging boner.


The good-looking Lucky Daniels wakes up bound to a table, on his stomach and wearing only a jockstrap and socks. When famous bottom stud Dominik Rider walks in, the grin on his face says he relishes being the one in charge this time. Before untying Lucky, Dominik subjects him to merciless tickle torture, but he gives him head and plays with Lucky’s nipples while the bound hottie jerks himself to a creamy finish. For those who are unfamiliar, they’re the cute duo on the box cover.


Muscular, bearded, hairy stud Nate Karlton wakes up on a weight bench, in bondage with his feet tied to the barbell on the floor underneath. His struggles get him all hot and bothered, until he ends up looking down at the camera below him, with his cockhead pointing right at the lens. Later he’s hogtied on the floor, with the cuffs on his legs connected by a strap that’s also wound around his big dick and balls. When he finally gets a hand free, like John before him, the first thing Nate wants to do is masturbate.


Christopher Daniels is bound and gagged on a tabletop with his legs spread wide apart. Wearing football shoulder pads, Dylan McLovin shows up and finds Chris right where and how he wants him! Eager to get Chris back for teasing him all year with his fine ass, Dylan plays with that body and especially enjoys sucking his cock.


Micah Andrews is kidnapped by a masked man while doing yard work. He finds himself bound and gagged, wearing only a jockstrap. While struggling to free himself, Micah gets so turned on that he starts fingering his own butthole and jacking off. He gets his left hand free and produces a dildo from somewhere, which he uses to fuck his own ass, occasionally pausing to masturbate with the dong still inside.


For the true fetishist, Captive Men will be a sexual treat full of jockstraps, dildos, workout clothes, and sweaty men in bondage.


Stars:   Lucky Daniels   Dominik Rider   Dylan McLovin   John Magnum   Gabriel Steele   Nate Karlton   Christopher Daniels

Categories: Fetish   BDSM   Cumshot   New Release   Masturbation   Muscles   Jocks

Running Time: 58 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   COLT Studio Group  BoundJocks

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