Movie Review: Chocolate Cherry

On their first visit to Los Angeles, the Maverick Men have the chance to meet hot black top AJ, who’s one of their biggest fans. He’s such a dedicated MaverickMan22 Productions fan that he jerks off to their high-quality amateur smut every single day! AJ has written to Cole and Hunter asking to top either or both of them in a video. Nice try! The Mavs are all about being the alpha males. As they explain to their ambitious devotee, if he wants to be in a video with the Maverick Men, he’ll have to give up his round, black, virgin ass to them. With no small amount of hesitation, AJ agrees and the result is this video, appropriately titled Chocolate Cherry.


When AJ meets his porn idols, they give him a lot of foreplay – plenty of hot kissing, massage, sucking his deliciously thick BBC, and luscious rimming of his quivering ass – all in the name of taking his anal virginity. Finally, AJ surrenders his bubble butt and Cole finds out just how snug that hole could be! AJ’s really into it and he proves to be an active rider, giving up such a sweet fuck that it looks like the resident Maverick daddy has a hard time not cumming too soon. Cole says his cock thinks it died and went to penis heaven. We don’t blame him, because AJ’s tight ass is fine and there’s nothing sweeter than a cherry boy who really wants it.


Silver daddy Cole and his lover Hunter have a great time with their latest conquest. AJ’s got those puffy blowjob lips, the kind that feels so good to kiss. Just watching the way these guys suck face will already get you hard, let alone all the cock-sucking, virgin-fucking action that it leads into. We hope this won’t be the last we see of AJ, and judging by the way the guys end up drenched in sweat and spunk, it probably won’t be! They have such a good time that it would almost be a crime for them not to fuck on camera again.


Stars:   AJ   Hunter “Maverick Man”   Cole Maverick   The Maverick Men

Categories: Amateur   New Release   Interracial   Mature   Twink   Bareback   Anal   Threeway

Running Time: 47 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions

Director:   Maverick Man

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