Movie Review: Cockwork

Rather than parodying A Clockwork Orange, Raging Stallion Studios’ strikingly sexy Cockwork simply takes inspiration from the cinema classic. Borrowing the film’s signature look and menacing feel, director Tony Dimarco has created a tribute that fetishizes the look of bowler hats, jock straps, and dress shoes and socks with sock garters. Raging Stallion Exclusives D.O., Tom Wolfe, Jesse Santana, Heath Jordan, and Alexander Garrett star alongside fan favorites Marc Dylan and Cavin Knight as hooligans called “sexos.” In Dimarco’s surreal vision, aggressive sex is set against a flat grey backdrop that makes every inch of flesh stand out. From the first moment, the sexos figuratively grab you by the cock and wreak havoc upon each other and your fantasies without letting you up for air throughout four stunning scenes.


The perfectly paired D.O. and Alexander Garrett look smashing in black bowler hats and orange jocks, their sinewy physiques nearly identical. With equally lethal beauty and sexual aggression, they attack each other’s cocks and holes. Alexander can hardly wait to get on his knees and worship D.O.’s dick, feeding the lust until D.O. turns it around on him, beginning the attack orally as a prelude to fucking. Whether it’s D.O.’s tongue, his cock, or a wooden juggling pin going up Alexander’s ass, he moans and grunts excitedly. They finish themselves off by hand, producing healthy loads.


Cavin Knight kneels between Jesse Santana’s muscular legs and sucks him off with a purpose. Gripping the base, Cavin glides his lips down the mushroom tip and the thick shaft. Not to be outdone, Jesse proves his deep-throat skills on Cavin and then feasts on his ass to get it wet for fucking. Stuffing his prick up Cavin’s hole, Jesse builds a steady rhythm that stirs them both into a frenzy of pleasure and pain. They flip-flop fuck and too soon, it seems, they’re jerking themselves to orgasm. Cavin licks both their loads off Jesse’s six pack.


Heath Jordan and Tom Wolfe are both hairy hotties, but it’s Tom’s furry hole that gets all wet with Heath’s spit. Rimming gets heath so excited he has to have Tom’s cock in his mouth right away, and you’ll hear no complaints. Excited, Tom makes Heath gag with his aggressive mouth-fucking! They pause to kiss each other fiercely before Tom launches his attack on Heath’s hole, first with his tongue, then with his fingers, and finally with his now throbbing erection. After a hard ride, they both coat Heath’s hairy abs in their goo.


D.O. returns to have his way with smooth-bodied Marc Dylan. The sexy power top teases Marc’s hole with his tongue until it twitches with need, and then shocks him with hard slaps on the ass. Eager to please, Marc thrills D.O. with his oral skills. Lying back with his head hanging off the bed, Marc opens wide to let D.O. fuck his throat. Then D.O. turns his aggression loose on his bottom’s bottom, roughly rimming and thumbing him. D.O.’s whacks on Marc’s bubble butt inflame the cheeks, but Marc can’t get enough of this hardcore fuck style. Whether he’s getting fucked or taking an active ride, Marc is building up to a huge cum explosion, soon followed by D.O. It’s an exhausting ride but a great way to end the show.


Stars:   Hugo Alexander   D.O.   Marc Dylan   Cavin Knight   Heath Jordan   Tom Wolfe   Jesse Santana

Categories: New Release   Big Dick   Muscles   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex

Running Time: 89 minutes

Released: 02/2012

Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios

Director:   Tony DiMarco

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