Movie Review: Corbin Fisher’s “Cum-Eating College Guys”

cum-eating college guys, corbin fisher, porn, gay, college, fratboysCorbin Fisher’s athletic studs always entertain with their thirst as well as their sheer hotness. No one knows how to fuck better than these young jocks! In Cum-Eating College Guys, they bring new meaning to the old phrase “big man on campus.” Their dicks are ready to plunge into some tight holes, and for every throbbing cock there’s always a bottom who’s greedy for the cum that results from a good, hard fuck.

Reagan returns to Corbin Fisher with longer hair, but that same toned body and ever-hard cock we remember so fondly. It’s great to see him back, because it’s been too long. Harper is happy to welcome the returning favorite back with a slurpy blowjob and his large dick up Reagan’s ass! Reagan gets off so much on getting fucked and tasting the load that we can’t imagine he’ll stay away from the action after this. Don’t you just love it when shower sex gets you dirty all over again?

Tom is feeling horny before a photo shoot he’s got scheduled with Quinn. When Tom finds Quinn napping, he wakes up the sleepyhead and presents his hard dick for sucking. If you’re going to wake somebody up, it’s nice to give them a good reason to be awake, right? First Quinn gets his mouth around Tom’s throbbing erection and then he licks his hole. Quinn rides Tom hard and finally jizzes on Tom’s abs. Tom keeps up the pace till he pops, aiming the load for Quinn’s mouth. The photographer shows up to find out why they aren’t on the set and discovers them still naked in their post-coital bliss.

Tanner is young and hot with a hungry hole. William is just as sexy with a dick that’s large and ready to take charge of a bottom like Tanner. They make quite an excellent pairing! William gets Tanner’s asshole prepped with some rimming, but Tanner can’t resist the chance to worship William’s huge schlong before taking it up his bum. He takes time to feel the length, girth, and weight in his hands before engulfing it orally. William enjoys the blowjob almost as much as he enjoys pummeling Tanner’s greedy anus. Tanner gets a face full of sticky proof that William enjoyed owning his ass.

Young, preppy Kennedy, who is pretty new to the Corbin Fisher lineup, has only just started bottoming. That makes it even more impressive when he gives up his tight, fresh hole to the muscular Kent! Not long into the scene, Kennedy is literally screaming for Kent’s cock up his ass, demanding to be fucked as he spreads wide in doggy position. Kent is happy to give him what he wants—and boy, does he ever. Kennedy moans, groans, and whimpers as Kent drills deep inside. You can see that Kennedy is enjoying his first time with the powerful Kent. This is a great way to close the show!

We think you’ll agree that all of these bottoms, sexy as they are, look even hotter with cum on their faces. Cum-Eating College Guys is an exclusive raw release on AEBN.

Stars:   Harper   Quinn (Corbin Fisher)   Kennedy (Corbin Fisher)   Reagan (Corbin Fisher)   Tanner (Corbin Fisher)   Kent (Corbin Fisher)   William (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher

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