Movie Review: Covert Missions 9

Amateur military-themed studio Active Duty’s Covert Missions 9 features a new recruit named Bryce and a veteran performer named Brock. Their mission is to perform separately and together, which is no easy task given Bryce’s nerves and virginity. Can he overcome those factors and complete the mission?


Bryce is 5’9″, weighs 150 pounds, and has just under a year left in the military with no intention to reenlist. He’s a cute guy who’s in good shape, with dark hair that’s just a little bit longer than a crew cut on top and shorter on the sides. While he’s being interviewed, Bryce plays with himself underneath his plaid boxers. The tease is frustrating, but finally, after almost five minutes, the soldier pulls out his big, beautiful cock and nice balls for us to see. He produces a load bigger than a silver dollar. Watching this compact-bodied stud with the hefty meat jerk it and show off his butthole is a hot way to start the show.


Twenty-year-old Brock is blonde, 5’8″, weighs 155 pounds, and has a dick that’s seven and a half inches long. He has two years left in the military and doesn’t plan to re-up. Brock removes his t-shirt and shorts, but leaves on the blue and white boxers as he jerks himself to hardness with his left hand. When he gets naked, he’s not quite hard yet but his body is sexy. At full hardness, his cock stands proud with nice, rounded balls. Brock is an ambidextrous masturbator, which is good for when one hand gets tired. He cums all over his own cock and the director asks if he can come back the next day.


In the third scene, Bryce and Brock masturbate side by side. Eventually, Bryce gets up the courage to suck Brock’s dick and lick his balls. Sometimes Brock puts his hand on Bryce’s head in a show of cheeky dominance. Bryce makes Brock cum and then Brock returns the favor by jerking Bryce off. Watching these two young, cute, straight military guys together is a fantasy come true!


The director wants these two to take it a step further. Brock is willing to go for it, but Bryce is nervous and unsure… perfect. We get to see Bryce work up the courage to give head, toss the salad, and then have sex with a guy for the first time. Watching Brock pop Bryce’s anal cherry is a satisfying release of the tension that has built between them.


Afterward, in scene five, the director interviews Bryce about how it went and has him jerk off once again. The interview makes it seem as if this was filmed on a day between Bryce’s first solo and his scene with Brock, but none of that matters once he takes out that nine-inch dick and starts stroking for the camera.


The last scene features Brock giving us quite a show in the shower. Far from getting himself clean, the soldier boy manages to get dirty by soaping up his beautiful cock and asshole. Afterward, in bed, he gives us another solo worthy of a standing ovation.


Victory is theirs – and yours, when you watch them in action.


Stars:   Bryce   Brock

Categories: Amateur   Cumshot   New Release   Masturbation   Military

Running Time:   119 minutes

Released:   04/2012

Studio Name:   Active Duty

Series:   Covert Missions

Director:   Mike

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