Movie Review: Cruise Me Use Me

cruise me use me, cockyboys, gay, porn, outdoors, muscles, alex mecum, caleb king, logan moore, lev ivankov, nick sterling, tayte hanson, asher hawk, justin matthewsIn Cruise Me Use Me from Cockyboys, you’ll see the unspoken etiquette of clandestine hook-ups in action. Gay men have been cruising for as long as there have been gay men, with loaded looks and knowing smiles taking the place of outright flirtation. But no one could mistake what they’re trying to say with their hands on their cocks as they lock eyes!

With piercings and tattoos decorating their tall, muscular bodies, Caleb King and Logan Moore are a scruffy pair of flip-fuckers. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts as they try to prove which one of them is more dominant. Logan puts cocky Caleb in his place right away with a big hard-on for him to suck. Caleb is happy to submit for now, and praises Logan’s beautiful dick in between eager sucks. Logan reciprocates the blowjob. After some rimming Caleb pushes his ass against Logan, whose back is up against a tree. Logan can see that Caleb is in a power-bottom mood and he reminds him who’s the top, grabbing his bubble putt and pounding away. This passionate aggression continues as Caleb turns the tables and starts fucking Logan instead. The unexpected sensation of Caleb’s dick up his ass soon has Logan jizzing everywhere! Caleb cums on Logan’s chest.

Logan returns in the next scene for another hot fuck in the forest. This time Logan meets up with furry, muscular alpha male Alex Mecum, who eagerly sucks his dick first and then tries to fuck him. But Logan surprises Alex by taking control, and Alex bottoms for the first time on camera. They’re both so worked up by the time Logan wants to switch positions that Alex fucks the jizz right out of Logan after only a minute or two.

Tall, lean Lev Ivankov and scruffy, muscular Nick Sterling are the two newest CockyBoys. Lev is younger than Nick and eager to take a pounding from him. Nick is vocal and assertive to the point of choreographing the scene out loud, and Lev happily submits to all of his directions. After skull-fucking Lev, Nick bends him over, tastes his hole, and starts to slam him doggie style. Soon Nick is holding Lev up against his body and then tossing him around like a rag doll as he fucks the hell out of his ass.

Tayte Hanson is a rough top. Asher Hawk is a hungry power bottom. Their pairing is perfect and we don’t know why nobody put them together sooner! Almost immediately Asher is deep-throating Tayte’s throbbing cock. After they’ve both sucked each other off, Tayte rims Asher’s ass and stuffs his dick in there balls deep. Asher has a tight hole, but he takes everything Tayte gives him in all sorts of positions and still wants more. Tayte unloads on Asher, who uses the cum as lube to make himself pop.

Alex from scene two is back to hook up with gorgeous CockyBoys favorite Justin Matthews. First we see Alex the exhibitionist doing yard work with a butt plug firmly in place. “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready,” as the saying goes. Don’t let the plug trick you into thinking Alex is the bottom here. First Justin surprises Alex with some head in the swimming pool. On a lounge chair they continue the action, including sucking, rimming, and powerful fucking that concludes in huge loads of jizz.

Outdoor sex gets these men going and the results are delicious to watch.

Stars:   Alex Mecum   Lev Ivankov   Nick Sterling   Asher Hawk   Tayte Hanson   Justin Matthews   Logan Moore   Caleb King
Studio Name:   Cockyboys

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