Movie Review: Curious Neighbor

curious neighbor, next door raw, bareback, Markie More, Donte Thick, Ryan Jordan, David Strong, Roman Todd, Dante Martin, Zak Bishop, Chad PiperNext Door Raw has a new release for us this week that’s all about neighbors helping each other fulfill their needs… for hot, bareback man sex, that is. “Curious Neighbor” makes us want to live next door to these gorgeous horn dogs, too!

Ryan Jordan feels like someone’s been watching him, and one day he has his suspicions confirmed when he discovers Chad Piper naked in his closet. Rather than being creeped out, Ryan invites Chad to go from looking to touching—or risk getting reported to the cops. When Chad puts Ryan’s dick in his mouth, Ryan pushes his face down on it. Soon, Chad flips Ryan over and buries his face in that tantalizing ass. Once Ryan’s hole is wet and ready, Chad pushes his hard dick inside, fucking him deeper and harder as Ryan asks. Eventually, Ryan takes charge and rides on top, bouncing up and down. Ryan takes total control, shoving his raw cock inside Chad’s ass, making him pay for being a peeping tom. But you can see that both of them are getting off on this “punishment” when they blow huge loads of hot cum everywhere. Chad will be welcome anytime for some neighborly hospitality.

Zak Bishop and Roman Todd are new neighbors, and Roman’s feeling intrigued. Assuming that Roman is just another curious straight guy who will use him to satisfy a craving, Zak tries to turn him away. Roman persists and proves that he’s not just looking to try out a piece of man ass one time in his life, starting off with some hot kissing from Zak’s mouth all the way down his torso. Zak notices that Roman is much better at giving a blowjob than any of those one-and-done str8 guys in his past, but what really impresses him is when Roman starts to eat his ass. Roman is happy to oblige when Zak wants to get fucked, and thrusts even harder when Zak teases him about whether he gets to do this with his girlfriend. After a couple of position changes, Roman has a huge load built up and he deliberately moves in front of the window so that anyone passing by could see him cum on a man for the first time.

While walking through the parking garage of his apartment building, Dante Martin sees David Strong apparently having some kind of problem in his car. As soon as he gets close enough to see that David is jerking off, Dante runs into his apartment, embarrassed. A moment later David is knocking on the door, trying to explain that he has to relieve his swollen balls that way because he never gets any privacy in his own place. Dante decides to let David in so he doesn’t have to settle for masturbating in his car. David eagerly accepts and is rewarded with Dante’s mind-blowing oral skills. David reciprocates with some cock sucking and rimming. When Dante’s ass is ready, David penetrates him from behind and pounds him against the bed. Dante pushes back against David. After a while they switch places, with David jerking off again while Dante fucks him raw. David takes another moment to plunge into Dante’s ass before he aims his cumshot all over Dante’s back.

Donte Thick and Markie More just want to get down to some raw, rough fucking with no frills. As soon as they get going, there’s no stopping them until they have each used the other’s holes every which way and emptied their balls completely. They test their gag reflexes and push the limits of their anal capabilities until they’ve both made a cummy mess of themselves.

“Curious Neighbor” from Next Door Raw is now streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Markie More   Donte Thick   Ryan Jordan   David Strong   Roman Todd   Dante Martin   Zak Bishop   Steven (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw

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