Movie Review: Daddy’s Fuck Bed series

daddy's fuck bed, deep seeded slut hole, brian bonds, riley mitchel, gay, porn, bareback Big Daddy’s Big Media has been giving us smoking hot scenes with its Daddy’s Fuck Bed series. The thread tying the whole thing together is the bed that the roommates are trying to build for Daddy before he gets home. With each scene, there’s a little more that gets done, but something about hot guys being close to a bed just keeps leading to distractions.

In Deep Seeded Slut Hole, muscular stud Riley Mitchel tries to get his friend to help with the bed, but his friend immediately loses interest and goes to lay out by the pool. Sexy ginger top Brian Bonds calls and offers to come over and help Riley, but he wants to fuck first. They can put the mattress on the floor, he says. Riley texts Brian the directions. When Brian arrives, they get right to the sucking, with Riley planting his face all the way down on Brian’s cock. Brian enjoys the face fuck for a minute before he reaches down to start playing with Riley’s hole. Then Riley gets on the mattress face first, so Brian can bury his face in his ass. When that hole is nice and wet with spit, Brian mounts Riley from above and pounds him into the mattress. After a while, Brian flops onto his back for a missionary fuck. Riley takes Brian’s cock deep in his greedy hole daddy's fuck bed, loads in the back, bishop angus, scott riley, bareback, gay, pornin a couple more positions, only to become a cum dump for his friend. And still no bed.

Strapping young Scott Riley is trying to put together the bed in the next scene, Loads in the Back. He gets a phone call from a man who’s trying to make a delivery and tells the man to come over. The deliveryman turns out to be hot Daddy bear Bishop Angus, and the delivery is going to be a special one. Bishop is intrigued to learn that Scott and his roommates are all porn stars. The mattress is going to see even more action before the bed gets built, because Bishop wants that ass! Scott doesn’t mind delaying the project because he wants this Daddy bear to take charge of his hole. After getting a good taste of Bishop’s big dick, Scott gets a bareback pounding from the hot older man.

daddy's fuck bed, the apple pie, sean knight, chip young, bareback, gay Scene three, The Apple Pie, sees cute cub Chip Young and another roommate coming home to find that the bed frame is still missing a few key components. But as we saw in scene one, sometimes a lazy roommate would rather go hang out by the pool than put in any work. Putting in the screws takes on a new meaning when toned, tattooed Sean Knight rings the doorbell, presenting his new neighbor with a fresh apple pie that he just baked. Chip explains that he’s been putting together Daddy’s fuck bed and Sean wants to see it. He’s feeling neighborly enough to help Chip finish putting the bed together, but when he sees Chip’s cakes, he craves a taste. Chip, for his part, savors the flavor of Sean’s cock and takes it for a ride.

daddy's fuck bed, big dicked marine, jackson taylor, d.j., gay, bareback, big daddy's big mediaOne of our featured releases this week is Big Dicked Marine, the latest in the Daddy’s Fuck Bed series. After getting apple pie and “pound cake” from Sean Knight, Chip didn’t finish the job. Sexy, inked Jackson Taylor finds the unfinished bed and wonders aloud “what these boys were doing up here” before he finds out for himself. He gets a call from his hot friend D.J., who offers to help him. At last, Jackson and D.J. get Daddy’s bed finished before they decide to break it in themselves! They kiss for a moment and Jackson kneels to suck D.J.’s cock. With his hands on the mattress and his ass in the air, Jackson takes a deep, raw drilling from D.J. This mattress is definitely living up to its purpose.

The Daddy’s Fuck Bed series from Big Daddy’s Big Media and Alpha One Media is streaming exclusively on AEBN.