Movie review: Daddy’s Playroom

daddy's playroom, pride studios, men over 30, daddies, Sean Duran, Michael Roman, Sean Maygers, Jace Chambers, Landon Kovac, Jessie Colter, Damian TaylorPride Studios and Men Over 30, with director Gio Caruso, have given us a four-scene extravaganza of mature men of muscles and might, fucking in fun places. Daddy’s Playroom is a new VOD exclusive this week.

When Sean Duran brings Michael Roman to his own personal playroom, things quickly progress. Sean has been hot for Michael’s big dick for a while now and he doesn’t have to wait long. Michael takes one look at the playroom and bends Sean over, yanks down his pants, and preps his hole with some rimming. Sean relaxes as Michael pushes his cock inside. Michael’s deep thrusts speed up and slow down, and soon Sean feels that he’s getting close to orgasm. He doesn’t want to cum before he gets the chance to turn the tables on his guest. Sean pulls away and orally worships Michael’s cock and hole before flip-fucking him. After Michael shoots his load onto the floor, Sean is so excited that he can’t wait another second to cum on his sexy playroom guest’s face.

Damian Taylor and Jace Chambers want to fuck in a new, interesting place. A friend of Damian’s recently told him about fucking his boss in a warehouse, so Damian suggests they give that place a try. Jace is into it, so they go have some fun. On the rolling staircase, the studs take turns giving each other head. A staircase presents a good opportunity for getting creative, letting Jace and Damian adjust their relative heights as they suck and fuck. Jace licks Damian’s pucker and plunges his cock within that hungry hole. Eventually they move to the warehouse floor so that Damian can take an even harder pounding. Damian jizzes everywhere, inspiring Jace to cum on Damian’s bubble butt.

Landon Kovac has been checking out Sean Maygers at the gym. He finally decides to introduce himself in the locker room while Sean is getting undressed. It turns out that Sean is a personal trainer and he’s glad to offer Landon some fitness advice of the hands-on variety. Normally Sean would get paid for training sessions, but maybe Landon can get a freebie because his ass is so hot and ready. Sean and Landon kiss passionately as their hands roam each other’s bodies. Landon pulls out Sean’s big dick and engulfs it with his mouth. The deep-throating feels so great that Sean could cum, but he wants to train that ass. After getting Landon’s hole ready with some rimming, he bends him over the bench and starts to fuck him. Landon tells Sean he wants it even harder, so Sean pushes him up against the lockers and then, later, puts him on his back to fuck the load right out of him. After watching Landon spill his seed on himself, Sean pulls out and unloads plenty of his own jizz.

Sean Duran gets to have the most fun in this movie, because it’s finally going to happen with Jessie Colter after lusting for each other for years. In the playroom, they get right down to it. Sean first gets his hands and mouth on Jessie’s tasty ass. In return, Jessie sucks Sean balls deep. But Sean needs another good taste of Jessie’s hole before sticking his dick in there. Once they’re both finally too worked up to delay fucking another minute, Sean fucks Jessie up against the wall. Between positions, Sean gives Jessie a good suck. For the grand finale, Jessie lies back in a chair so Sean can fuck him to completion.

Daddy’s Playroom is now exclusively streaming across the AEBN network.

Stars:   Sean Duran   Michael Roman   Sean Maygers   Jace Chambers   Landon Kovac   Jessie Colter   Damian Taylor
Studio Name:   Men Over 30  Pride Studios

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