Movie Review: Deep State

deep state, dark alley media, raw fuck club, bareback, gay, porn, orgy, orgiesWe probably all suspect, deep down, that the secrets of Washington, D.C. are even nastier than we think. Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club is giving us the real District, but with much hotter men than we normally see, in Deep State. You want some swamp ass? Well, you’ve got it.

Nicko Wilde is a hot government worker with a taste for leather and rough sex. All the stress of his days just melts away when he visits an escort in the evening. He has a “date” with his favorite, Jake Morgan, who gives a great blowjob before presenting his tasty cock and asshole for Nicko’s enjoyment. Nicko works out his stress on Jake’s pliable asshole, using it to completely drain his balls with a big, hot, messy cumload.

Asher Devin and Seth Knight meet Zack Covington, the young son of a congressman, and decide that he needs a good taste of what it really means to be in the Deep State. Zack is in heaven as Asher and Seth take turns rimming his hole and filling it with their cocks and cum.

Hot young D.C. professional Aiden Hart has an appointment to keep, but when he’s in the waiting room, he notices gorgeous Jack Andy playing with his package in an unmistakable invitation to a different kind of meeting. Aiden is quick to get on his knees and suck that big dick right there in the waiting room, lobbying for a bareback fuck. Jack finds Aiden’s hole to be that perfect mix of snug and flexible, feeling so awesome that he cums twice.

On any given night, there is a nasty, bareback gangbang happening somewhere within the Beltway. Roman Maverick is new in town, so he’s got to prove his worth as a power bottom. After he takes off his power suit and tie, you can see the tattoos and piercings that show his wild side. Watch Asher Devin, Champ Robinson, Cris Knight, Nicko Wilde, and Seth Knight stuff the ambitious young stud with their big dicks, some of them uncut, and dump their loads! A young, ambitious guy like Roman has to do a lot just to make it to the middle, and the powerful ones are just getting started.

In Deep State, the fucking is more than a little scandalous. These are the hottest policy wonks and politicians imaginable.

Deep State is a new release this week, exclusive to AEBN VOD Theaters.

Stars:   Seth Knight   Asher Devin   Jack Andy   Cris Knight   Aiden Hart   Zach Covington   Roman Maverick   Nicko Wilde   Jake Morgan   Champ Robinson  
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club

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