Movie Review: “Desire: Where Will Yours Take You?” by Jones Exposed

jones exposed, brandon jones, desire, where will it take you, gay, porn, kevin david, mam steele, alexy tyler, manuel deboxerImbued with the sensual style of Jones Exposed, “Desire: Where Will Yours Take You?” takes us into the hottest sexual fantasies and memories of the gorgeous Brandon Jones.

First we see Brandon lying by the pool, daydreaming about who he wants to fuck. He strokes his growing erection and then, his hot body gleaming in the sun, he pulls out a dildo and gives his puckered rosebud the attention it needs. He stretches out his hole, fucking it just the way he likes it, until he shoots a big, creamy load!

Brandon gets a new roommate, and it looks like part of the reason he chose this particular guy is sexual attraction. Kevin David is serious masturbation inspiration, and it turns out he’s just as horny as Brandon. One day, Brandon walks in on Kevin as he’s stroking his own delicious cock. Brandon stands before Kevin with his dick out, inviting him to suck it, and Kevin eagerly takes it in his mouth. Not content just to take turns, they give and receive oral enjoyment together in 69 position before consummating their “roommate agreement” with a hard, horny fuck.

Whether he’s at home or at work, Brandon has plenty of eye candy. He moves into an office where there are plenty of potential studs to put in his movies. Alexy Tyler, his office neighbor, is curious about auditioning once he finds out Brandon does porn, so Brandon gives him a try-out on the spot. The two men start out in their suits and ties, trading blowjobs hungrily, but those clothes only come part of the way off when Alexy is ready to get fucked in the ass. Brandon gives his hole a thorough pounding and decides that he has what it takes to do porn!

Next, Brandon is looking for a super-masculine top that will be a match for his power bottoming needs. He’s had his eye on construction worker Manuel DeBoxer for a while, so he finds him on his lunch break and seduces the stud into a quickie on the job site. Manuel is clearly handy with more than one kind of tool, but so is Brandon, and they take turns deep-throating each other. Brandon climbs on the table and opens up his cheeks so that Manuel can tongue his hole and stick his dick inside. Well, Brandon was looking to power bottom and Manuel really pushes him to the limit with a fuck that leaves both of them drenched in sweat and spunk!

Brandon enlists Mam Steel, one of the sexiest and dirtiest studs in Montreal, to fulfill his submissive fantasy. For this role-playing fuck, Mam tells Brandon to leave his door unlocked and wait with his ass up. Dressed as a policeman, Mam enters Brandon’s apartment, handcuffs him, and teases his hole with a nightstick. Brandon’s hole needs stretching if he has any hope of fitting in Mam’s thick, hard nine inches. Mam makes sure to get Brandon ready and worked up so that he’s right at the peak of anticipation by the time Mam pushes his cock inside!

You’re going to love this trip into Brandon Jones’ horny fantasies. Desire is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Brandon Jones   Kevin David   Mam Steele   Alexy Tyler   Manuel Deboxer
Studio Name:   Jones Exposed 

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