Movie Review: Dick Or Dare

Those experts of hard-hitting black porn, Pitbull Productions, are back with another collection of hot, thug stars. Director Jalin Fuentes is back in the director’s chair, and that’s a good thing considering the porn auteur brought us such awesome dark treats as Thugged, New Thug City: Supreme’s Return and, my personal favorite, Nuttin’ Butt Crack.

Dick or Dare is apparently how thugs play truth or dare in the hood – or so the movie brief tells me – and hey, this is a game I wouldn’t mind playing with this big dick, though I guess the aim is not to win here.

N-Tysin and D-Unit are up first with some action, and though there are few black porn stars with the kind of longevity that provides for iconic status, I am quite familiar with both of these boys’ work. D-Unit starts out by sucking his buddy’s fingers – that’s a new one – but apparently having paid his dues he gets his power top on and pushes Tycin down on his big dick.

D-Unit then rims Tycin’s bubble butt – after losing the self-titled game – and he gets right in there with his tongue. D-Unit’s 10-inch cock then goes to work on that bubble butt, truly stretching it wide with his monster while his hot muscled body glistens with sweat from all the hard work he’s doing on that hole.

Scene three between Redboi and Polo Starr is definitely worth a look too. There’s some fantastic rimming action between the duo on the couch that really had me going. Soulja Boi can always be relied upon for a good performance too, and his scene following this with Seduction should not be missed either.

It’s a straight-forward black one-on-one feature with Dick or Dare, the guys are hot, there’s very little in the way of story to get in the way and those dicks are as big as ever. Black porn fans will be entirely satisfied and can again rely on Pitbull to deliver the product they’ve always promoted.

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