Movie Review: Elder Addison, Chapters 1-5

Elder Addison: Chapters 1-5, missionary boyz, president ballard, president lee, twink, bareback, religion, gay, pornGet ready for another exquisite tale of a young missionary exploring his secret desires in a place he never expected. “Elder Addison: Chapters 1-5” from Missionary Boyz is the story of young Elder Addison (aka Kory Houston), a twink who undergoes a series of encounters that test his devotion as well as his sexuality.

Elder Addison has an interview with President Ballard (Max Sargent). After Elder Addison has stripped naked under President Ballard’s hungry gaze, the older man fondles the boy’s aching balls and sucks his cock, which has grown shamefully erect. President Ballard sucks Elder Addison’s pre-cum, tests the texture and firmness of the erection with his mouth, and finally milks a huge load out of him.

The next step in Elder Addison’s initiation is to meet with President Lee (Myles Landon), a muscular stud who’s older than himself, but younger than President Ballard. President Lee quickly dominates Elder Addison, testing him for his readiness to be called and elected to the mysterious fraternal order within the church. Before Elder Addison realizes what’s happening, he is naked and submitting to another examination. But this time, things go much further than a blowjob and handjob. President Lee needs to know that this boy is ready to go all the way, so he takes his virginity with assertive, firm thrusts as Elder Addison lies back on the desk, furiously fapping as his hole stretches to accommodate that big dick.

After this life-changing experience, Elder Addison isn’t sure what he’s doing anymore. Isn’t it wrong to have sex with other men, especially church leaders? Soon, President Lee removes any doubt from the boy’s troubled mind with an initiation ritual he will never forget. President Lee runs his oiled hands all over Elder Addison’s body, speaking ceremonial words. Elder Addison’s dick gets harder the closer the older man’s hands get to it, and he almost can’t contain his excitement when he feels President Lee’s hot breath and lips on his cock. Somehow the boy holds back his growing arousal while the man probes and penetrates his hole. It doesn’t matter to Elder Addison if it goes against what he’s been taught: he can’t get enough of President Lee’s cock.

Next, Elder Addison gets his chance to find out what it feels like to have President Ballard’s big dick inside him. Ever since the first time the bearish older man sucked and milked him during their interview, Elder Addison has been wondering how his cock must feel. It’s time for his second anointing and the boy is practically pointing at the ceiling without using his hands. Getting fucked by President Lee felt good, but something about President Ballard’s dominant presence and maturity really gets him going. At first Elder Addison is nervous, but he happily succumbs to this silver daddy’s oral and anal attentions.

Finally, Elder Addison goes to the temple for his ordination with President Lee. The profane becomes the sacred, or maybe it’s the other way around, as the older man lets his cock do the thinking and skips all the ceremonial trappings. No rituals, just fucking! By now Elder Addison has lost the nerves and shyness when he gets naked for President Lee. Hard kissing leads to a fierce clash of mouths, cocks, and holes. President Lee ordains Elder Addison with his seed, making the boy gasp and moan in the temple.

The five stunning chapters of “Elder Addison” will make you believe in the power of bareback body worship.

Stars:   Kory Houston   Myles Landon   Max Sargent
Studio Name:   Missionary Boyz
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