Movie Review: “Elder Lindsay Chapters 1-5,” Mormon Boyz

mormon boyz, Elder Lindsay, Elder Ricci, Brother Johnson, Bishop AngusThe fresh-faced, sweet-looking young men of Mormon Boyz return in another installment of erotic education and initiation in Elder Lindsay Chapters 1-5.

When slim, sandy-haired Elder Lindsay embarks on a two-year mission, he can’t believe his luck when he gets paired with the handsome Elder Ricci. He’ll get to live with this gorgeous, more experienced missionary and learn everything he knows. As it turns out, that’s going to be a lot more than mission work.

On the first night, after a day of door-to-door visits, Elder Lindsay can’t sleep after getting a glimpse of the tall, dark, and handsome Ricci in his form-fitting Mormon garments. Lindsay wants to relieve his aching erection while Ricci sleeps in the bed next to him, but he doesn’t dare. The next morning, while Ricci is showering, Lindsay grabs the garments that Ricci was wearing and smells them while slowly stroking his cock, fingering his own hole, and humping the mattress.

Elder Ricci is well-behaved and doesn’t seem to put a toe over the line, but Elder Lindsay notices his companion checking him out while they’re on the train. Back in the apartment, Lindsay brings Ricci out of his shell and discovers that he’s secretly curious about sex with men but is scared to try it. Fortunately for both of these Mormon boys, Ricci feels comfortable enough to explore his secret attraction with Lindsay. Once Lindsay gets Ricci to touch his cock and kiss him, there’s no holding back anymore. Ricci has a long, fat cock and Lindsay will get to experience that girth stretching his hole—but first, he wants to pop Ricci’s cherry. Lindsay warms Ricci up with his tongue and fingers before slowly pushing his cock inside. It’s too intense for Ricci at first, but Lindsay finds the right angle, depth, and rhythm to have his virgin companion in ecstasy. Then Lindsay gets to find out just how good it feels when Ricci reciprocates!

The next day is Elder Ricci’s Preparation Day, but all he can think about is what he and Elder Lindsay did. Lindsay notices his companion’s distraction and pulls him into the silent church while the other guys are playing soccer. They think they’re alone, but Brother Johnson comes in from watching the soccer match to pick up some teaching materials and overhears them. He pulls the curtain aside and sees the two missionaries kissing, making tents in their garments, which causes his own loins to stir. Brother Johnson takes out his johnson and starts to stroke it, wanting to join them. The hotter their passion, the harder it is for Johnson to stay out of it. Lindsay and Ricci are shocked when he walks through the curtain and joins them, but the sight of his cock throbbing with excitement makes their mouths water and their holes twitch in anticipation. As for Brother Johnson, he just has to pick which ass to penetrate first.

Far from getting in trouble, the boys have both made a favorable impression upon a secret group within the church. Brother Johnson invites them to The Order, a secret priesthood organization. The high priests inspect and initiate each boy who’s being considered for membership, and Elder Lindsay’s up first. A bearded, handsome daddy bear named Bishop Angus inspects Lindsay’s smooth, sinewy body and finds out how sweet is his mouth, how tight is his hole.

After the high priests have passed Elder Lindsay around between them, taking turns testing his eager holes just like Bishop Angus did, it is Angus who gets to ordain the beautiful young missionary. While Lindsay waits in a brightly lit room for the ordination to begin, he can’t help feeling his own cock getting harder as he thinks about the many boys who were here before him, undergoing the same sexual initiation. Angus walks in on Lindsay and tells him there’s no need to put his cock away. As much passion and intensity as the teen missionary and the muscle bear had together in their previous encounter, it has only deepened now that Elder Lindsay is ready to enter the priesthood. Bishop Angus slides his tongue across that sweet, winking asshole and tickles Lindsay’s cheeks with his beard. A moment later, Angus adds his fingers to the teasing and gets Lindsay ready before pressing his throbbing cockhead up against him. Lindsay begs this hunk of a man to fill him up, and that’s exactly what he gets.

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Stars:   Elder Lindsay   Brother Johnson   Bishop Angus   Elder Ricci
Studio Name:   Mormon Boyz

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