Movie Review: Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes 3

It’s volume three of the Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes series, chronicling the bareback sexual encounters of a cum-greedy bottom named Eric! Because this is a Treasure Island Media release, you know you’re in for two hours of the raunchiest and hottest man-on-man action.


At night, Keiran walks in off the street and into a room where Eric’s naked and waiting on the bed, so he dives in and orally attacks that smooth hole like a starving man who’s just found a steak dinner! Meanwhile, he grabs a handful of ass cheek on either side of his face. If you ever wanted to know what incredible rimming looks like, this is it. Kieran gets that ass ready and Eric sucks his big, curved dick to get him fully hard. Eric looks great bent over the bed with Kieran stretching his hole!


Next, Eric takes on gorgeous Cristiano in an almost identical scenario, only now it’s daytime. Cristiano’s dark complexion and hair, along with his lip piercing, give him a slightly exotic appeal. There’s some hot and nasty cum swapping at the end after Cristiano has licked his own load off Eric’s ass.


In scene three, thuggish Darko breeds bottom bitch Dam Esco in bondage. After creaming all over Dam’s asshole, he pushes the cum inside – does it count as sloppy seconds if it’s his own cum? There’s a dirty, amateur quality to this scene that only makes it hotter.


Lars and Joe double-team Eric in a threeway in scene four. There’s no messing about with such niceties as ass eating or cock sucking this time – these guys just want to fuck! One of these guys has an extremely downward curved cock that, when Eric is sucking it, makes it sound like he’s saying “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.” Maybe he’s just explaining what he wants the top to do with that candy cane in his ass? It must be quite a challenge to take in that sharp of a curve.


Scene five boasts the performer who is probably best known to most viewers, Peto Coast. He and Eric meet in public and go to an apartment, where Peto throat-fucks Eric in front of a mirror. In bed, their raw fucking is as hot and rough around the edges as we’ve come to expect from the alpha male Peto. Eric loves every minute!


In a bonus scene, Faruk and Thom Barron meet on a street and get a room, where they undress and we see that sexy Faruk was wearing a harness under his clothes. He went looking for trade and boy, did he luck out when Thom walked by! Faruk eagerly sucks Thom’s dick and is rewarded with a hot raw fuck.


From the random hookup feeling, to the hot European guys who talk dirty in other languages, and of course the raw action, we really can’t say enough great things about TIM’s uninhibited, hyper-masculine approach to sex on camera. If you’re a fan of the studio’s offerings, chances are you’ve already seen Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes 3. If you haven’t seen it yet, why wait another moment?

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