Movie Review: Family Dick 3

family dick 3, bareback network, taboo, daddy, boi, stepfather, stepdad, stepson, alex killian, austin lock, legrand wolfBareback Network’s Family Dick 3 is our exciting exclusive new release this week. It’s packed with four scenes of taboo fucking between a sexy stepdad and his cute twink of a stepson.

Bespectacled and bearded Alex Killian is a really hot Daddy. He tells a scary story to his sweet-faced stepson Austin Lock as they roast marshmallows on a fire at their campsite. When they decide it’s time for bed, they strip naked in their tent and snuggle up under a blanket. Alex caresses Austin’s smooth, slim body and soon the boy has turned to face his stepdad so they can kiss as they stroke each other’s hard cocks. After a long, leisurely mutual masturbation session, Alex explores Austin’s tight hole with his fingers while jerking off slowly. When he’s got the boy relaxed enough, Alex eases his dick into Austin’s ass and fucks him doggy style. Austin gets so worked up he starts thrusting himself back and forth on Daddy’s dick. Daddy and son fuck in other positions, and when Austin is riding cowboy style, Alex jerks his boy’s cock. Alex finishes off in missionary position. The intensity of their emotions and arousal is so strong you can feel it through the screen.

On Halloween night, Austin goes trick-or-treating as a cute fox. Alex takes his stepson to the last house, where LeGrand Wolf is dressed in a doctor uniform. Austin is surprised to learn that his Daddy has told the doctor that he can watch them fuck, but he doesn’t mind. Soon the adorable twink is riding his Daddy’s dick, still wearing his fox ears and bow tie, while LeGrand plays with himself. It’s not long at all before Austin is getting spit-roasted and loving it. After his Daddy dumps his load inside Austin, it’s the doctor’s turn!

Austin is on a road trip with Alex. He’s excited for their vacation at the cabin, but he wants to sit closer to his Daddy. He hops into the middle seat and fastens his seatbelt, but unfastens his pants. Austin just can’t keep his hands off Daddy’s dick or his own, so Alex finds a good place to pull over and go answer nature’s call outdoors, a short walk away from the road. They take turns sucking each other off, and then Austin bends over so Alex can lick and fuck his sweet boy hole up against a small tree.

Alex and Austin finally get to the cabin when it’s dark, cold, and rainy. It’s time to warm up by the fireplace with blankets, hot cocoa, and hot cock-in-ass action. What a perfect way to end the night, as well as the movie.

Family Dick 3 from Bareback Network is now streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Alex Killian   Austin Lock   LeGrand Wolf
Studio Name:   Bareback Network