Movie Review: “First Time Fucks 2,” Corbin Fisher

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The first time for everything is special, especially sex, and even more so when it’s a straight guy fucking his first man! First Time Fucks 2 from Corbin Fisher presents four hot, curious straight guys experiencing gay sex with some of CF’s best bottoms.

Chuck is excited to fuck Dawson, a muscle bottom, who will be his first man. Dawson helps Chuck get naked while kissing his mouth and body. After some foot action, stroking, and then sucking each other individually, they get into 69. Dawson mounts Chuck, who drills him from below. Even better, Dawson gets on all fours to take a pounding from Chuck. After a break for some oral between positions, Chuck pounds Dawson in missionary, holding his legs open, until Dawson blows his load all over himself. Then it’s Chuck’s turn to cum as Dawson eagerly sucks until he gets a mouthful.

Dixon and Trey just got back from their photo shoot. It went well, so Trey thinks the fucking will be good. As they kiss, Trey strips off Dixon’s shirt. When Dixon lies back on the bed, Trey kisses his way down Dixon’s muscular chest and abs to Dixon’s cock, which is straining to get out of his underwear. Trey gives even better head than a girl, and he doesn’t neglect the balls. Then it’s time for Dixon to learn how it feels to have a cock and some balls in his mouth. The two of them suck each other in 69. Trey slides down onto Dixon and starts grinding. Dixon smacks Trey’s bouncing, bucking ass. After Trey disengages for a little cock-sucking, he bends over and backs up against Dixon for more fucking in doggy position. Dixon impresses Trey with his man-fucking skills so much that Trey’s load shoots all the way up his torso. Dixon pulls out and adds his own cum to the mess.

Duncan loves to push his own limits, but he’s a little nervous because he’s never even held hands with a guy. An easygoing CF veteran, Kenny knows how to set the mood by kissing from Duncan’s lips down to his chest and his abs. By the time Kenny gets to Duncan’s cock, the first-timer is sporting a throbbing erection. Kenny pays special attention to Duncan’s balls during the oral foreplay. Duncan excitedly repays the favor and fucks Kenny in front of a mirror so he can watch himself. Kenny rides Duncan cowboy style for a while before they finish in missionary, with both guys jizzing all over Kenny. Afterward, in the shower, they talk about what Duncan liked the most about his first time fucking a man.

Justin is a formerly shy veteran who’s comfortable taking charge of a sexy first-timer named Rudy. It’s the first time Rudy is doing more than getting head from a guy. Rudy hasn’t sucked a dick himself, but he gets to do just that after Justin has had a taste of him. Justin pushes Rudy’s head all the way down against his crotch, face-fucking him. Once Justin has gotten a feel of Rudy’s big, throbbing dick in his hole, he starts begging for more! Rudy is happy to oblige and pounds hard until he loses his load all over Justin’s ass. Justin politely asks to cum in Rudy’s mouth. Rudy says yes, so Justin fills him up with what he says is the biggest load he’s ever blown!

Corbin Fisher’s First Time Fucks 2 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Chuck (Corbin Fisher)   Dixon (Corbin Fisher)   Rudy (Corbin Fisher)   Duncan (Corbin Fisher)   Kenny (Corbin Fisher)   Dawson   Justin (Corbin Fisher)   Trey (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher

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