Movie Review: Freaky fuckers

freaky fuckers, fuck champ robinson, Alessio Vega, Angel Brady, Hunny Bear, Harlem Jock, Champ Robinson, Joelsomeone, Jake Morgan, Levi BondiDirector/porn stud Champ Robinson and his Fuck Champ Robinson studio have a hot new release this week: “Freaky Fuckers.” Filmed in 4K ultra-high definition, it’s got plenty of great, nasty eye candy for your pervy delight.

Champ Robinson brings Joelsomeone in to surprise his boyfriend, Alessio Vega, in the bath. Joel, a bearded, semi-hipster-looking guy in horn-rimmed glasses, is happy to fuck Alessio, a hot Italian bottom. Champ records the action up close as Alessio sucks Joel off and gets his ass pounded right there in the tub. After blowing his load on Alessio’s ass, Joel slowly pushes his cock back inside for a few more thrusts, and it’s so sensitive that Joel yelps in ecstasy.

Harlem Jock and Jake Morgan bring Jake’s drunken boyfriend into the room and put him to bed to sleep it off. Harlem is about to say goodnight, but neither he nor Jake is tired. Jake invites Harlem to “stay for a little bit.” Immediately they start to kiss and shed their gear, with Harlem dropping his backpack and both of them stripping. They admire each other’s muscles and feast on each other’s cock and ass, respectively. Once Harlem is hard and Jake’s hole is warmed up, Harlem bends Jake over the bed and fucks him right next to his sleeping boyfriend, who doesn’t wake up even when Jake braces himself against his legs.

Levi Bondi and Champ Robinson kiss passionately before Levi drops to his knees and starts sucking that big black cock for a good few minutes. Champ gets Levi on his stomach across the bed and starts making a meal of his ass, tongue-fucking his hole and spitting. After a while, Champ mounts Levi’s ass and thrusts into him rhythmically, making the blond twunk moan. They try several positions, with doggy style proving to be a big hit!

While Hunny Bear is in bed next to his sleeping boyfriend (Levi Bondi) and Harlem Jock lies on a couch, the two muscular studs check each other out and stroke their cocks from across the room. Soon, Hunny Bear pushes the covers off and plays with his hole, welcoming Harlem in for a taste. Harlem and Hunny kiss and start humping. Levi turns over slightly in his sleep, unnoticed by his horny boyfriend and their buddy. Hunny starts blowing Harlem till they can’t wait another minute to fuck. Harlem pours some lube on Hunny’s ass and on his own shaft before pushing his way inside. Soon, Harlem is driving in and out of Hunny’s hole, snapping his jock strap against his thick thighs. Eventually Levi wakes up and decides to join them for a threesome. Hunny is happy to share this awesome big dick with his boyfriend!

“Freaky Fuckers” from Fuck Champ Robinson is all about the spontaneous interracial hookups as well as the surprises, and it’s streaming exclusively on AEBN starting today.

Stars:   Alessio Vega   Angel Brady   Hunny Bear   Harlem Jock   Champ Robinson   Joelsomeone   Jake Morgan   Levi Bondi

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