Movie Review: Fuck Me, Feed Me

Fuck Me, Feed Me is the plea of hungry bottom boys the world over. It’s also an exciting new bareback release from Factory Video Productions.


The first pair is a crew cut-sporting young hottie and a heavily tattooed ginger who tells him things to do, such as playing with his ass. This bossiness is hot, and so is crew cut’s eagerness to please. By the time ginger starts to fuck crew cut in his tight ass with no condom, things have heated up. They have sex in a few positions, always with good close-ups of the action. Ginger finishes himself off by jerking it in crew cut’s face and feeding his cock to him one last time so he can clean it off, and then he licks his own cum off crew cut’s face and chest. Not to leave crew cut unsatisfied, Ginger licks crew cut’s balls while crew cut jerks himself off. Crew cut cums in ginger’s mouth and kisses his face clean.


A blond twink and another buzz cut-wearing guy have a gloryhole encounter in scene two, but the blond can’t stop himself from going around the wall and meeting his partner face to face, or rather cock to throat. He resumes his position on the other side of the gloryhole when it’s time to get his ass fucked, but again, they can’t stay away from each other. The twink covers his smooth stomach in his own cum and feeds it to himself, then his older fuck buddy delivers his own load straight to the twink’s mouth.


Scene three features a pierced Latin twink and a taller blond guy with a mohawk. The blond is hungry to taste some Latin cock and take it in his furry ass! By the end of the scene he’s begging for his hot top’s load. He gets it in the face and scoops it all up into his mouth, his big blue eyes gazing at the Latin twink in awe at the fuck he just received.


The same gloryhole sees more action when another hottie with a blond mohawk blows a couple of dark-haired, tattooed studs. They move away from the gloryhole to get a little more intimate, giving the mohawk babe plenty of room to suck balls with enthusiasm. The three of them switch places a couple of times, making sure everybody gets the chance to suck some cock, but it’s mohawk who gets fucked in this threeway. He has a lot to handle from these two tops, but he takes it all enthusiastically and drinks up the cum at the end!

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