Fun-Size Boys: Marcus Chapters 1-4

Watch exclusively on AEBN VODFun Size Boys, a Carnal Media label, is known for putting out one of the few gay porn series focusing on a fetish known as microphilia. These movies are just a little kinky, with stories about short twinks (the Fun Size Boys) getting together with older men who are giants next to them (King Size Men). The typical height difference in these movies can be as much as twelve inches. Microphiliacs and everyone who loves the height contrast will be pleased to see that “Fun-Size Boy: Marcus, Chapters 1-4” is just as hot as the other movies in this series that we’ve previously featured, if not even more so!

Marcus Rivers is a “pocket gay” who really gets off on the challenge of taking a King Size Man’s proportionally large dick. Whether it’s a physical exam with Dr. Wolf or quality time with beefy Mr. Steele, this little guy knows that there’s no shortage of Daddies who would love a piece of his tight ass. For their part, each DILF knows that this boy always manages to tighten up all over again before the next time they fuck, like some kind of magic. Youth is not always wasted on the young—not on someone like Marcus, who knows how to make every second count and is happy to spread the joy of sex with these big guys.

Dr. Wolf (aka LeGrand Wolf) has a reputation amongst young, short guys. They’re his specialty and he’s said to be quite thorough with his hands. When Marcus goes to the doctor, he can’t help feeling a stirring in his underpants as he lies on the exam table and those strong hands wander over his thighs and abs. Dr. Wolf (LeGrand Wolf) just can’t resist getting turned on too, especially when he notices the twink’s cock getting stiff inside his shorts. Both of them have a curiosity about how it would feel to fuck someone of such a remarkably different size—the good doctor is 6’6”, which would be a giant by basically anyone’s standards. The excitement of sex in the doctor’s office is undeniable, and both guys in the scene are hot in their own way. It’s a sizzling way to start the movie.

The chemistry between Marcus and his tailor Mr. Steele (aka Dallas Steele, our favorite retired news anchor-turned-gay porn star) is even more powerful. Mr. Steele gets out the tape measure and you can feel the arousal growing between the two of them as he unrolls it to find out just how short this shorty really is compared to his own 6’3” stature. When was the last time you got a boner from a tailor taking measurements? The two of them have a lot of fun, so much so that it leads to a sexual relationship that extends beyond the fitting room. Over the course of scenes 2-4, Marcus becomes something of a regular fuck buddy for Dallas and they even go to the gym together. For Marcus, seeing his tailor getting rock-hard in his red gym shorts is every bit as hot as seeing his white button-up shirt barely containing his pecs.

Such playful bareback action between a charming twink and two older, much taller men makes “Fun-Size Boys: Marcus Chapters 1-4” too hot for words. Don’t miss this exclusive new release from Fun Size Boys/Carnal Media!

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