Movie Review: Gang of Five

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Roman Maverick posted online about his desire to get tied up and gangbanged. Treasure Island Media made it happen and recorded video, which you can see in scene one. After Roman gets chained to a fuck bench, facedown, he takes an onslaught of tops with huge, hard cocks. Puerto Rican stud Billy Blanco is first, getting Roman’s hole wet with his tongue before pushing his dick inside. Esteban Orive pops multiple times. Monster-hung Fx Rijos, newbie Rory Stone, and Casanova also pump and dump their loads. It’s a hot, nasty, relentless group fuck that starts the movie off right!

Pig bottoms don’t get much greedier than Billy Warren. For a long time he’s been asking TIM to do a gangbang scene, and it’s finally happening. He shows up at a club, ready to take on all cummers. After sucking off all the big dicks that surround him, Billy lets Rafael Carreras, Ryan Powers, Joel Someone, and Cesar Xes have their way with him.

Alex Killborn is a twunk with floppy blond hair and a bubble butt that’s just begging for many cocks, one after another. Just because he’s young doesn’t mean he’s not capable of taking on five men in a row—in fact, his youth just makes him that much more flexible and tireless. In this scene, Alex takes on Gabriel Alanzo, Mr. Cali, Esteban Orive, Kannon, Cris Knight, and Rob Yaeger (who gets to take another crack at him when everyone else has finished).

Ty Mitchell’s first gangbang is surely not going to be his last, based on how much he enjoys this one. He will surely never forget lying on his back with a cock in his mouth, a cock in each hand, and two at his ass. Sam Bridle opens up his ass. Luke Harding and K’oz take turns spit-roasting Ty. Boy Banks gets so into fucking that hole that he seems to be in another world. Rafael Carreras gets to finish up, and he even gets up in there with his foot!

What did Gabriel Alanzo get for his birthday? He got a TIM style Texas gangbang! Gabriel D’Alessandro, Hans Berlin, Seth Knight, and Alejandro Vez welcome him to another trip around the sun with a breeding that is captured up close with a mini-cam. Gabriel D pounds Gabriel A hard and fills his talented hole with jizz. Seth dumps his own load not long afterward, spurred on by the exciting spectacle. Hans power-fucks and breeds Gabriel A next. Alejandro is the lucky one who gets sloppy fourths and uses the multiple loads as lube. Happy birthday, Gabriel Alanzo!

Cut and uncut, big and bigger, a rainbow of cocks awaits you in “Gang of Five” from Treasure Island Media, streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Billy Warren   Alex Killborn   Ty Mitchell   Roman Maverick   Gabriel Alanzo   Cris Knight   Alejandro Vez   Boy Banks   K’oz   Joel Someone   Rory Stone   Ryan Powers   Esteban Orive   Rafael Carreras   Casanova   Gabriel D’Alessandro   Kannon   Seth Knight   Hans Berlin   Cesar Xes   Rob Yaeger   Luke Harding   Fx Rijos   Billy Blanco   Sam Bridle   Mr. Cali
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media 

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