Movie Review: Get Your Dick Outta My Son!

get your dick outta my son, men, gay, porn, bareback, taboo, threeway, dad, dilf, Bruce Beckham, Michael Del Ray, Scottie McWilliams, Zander LaneAll that Michael Del Ray can think about since his new stepfather Bruce Beckham moved into the house is taking some of that big DILF dick. Having to listen to the loud sounds of sex through his bedroom walls only makes it worse. Every time Michael jerks off, visions of Bruce fucking him dance through his head. In “Get Your Dick Outta My Son!” from Men, it’s an exquisite agony to be a horny twink living under the same roof with a hot, sexually adventurous new stepfather.

One day, Michael gets a glimpse of Bruce’s naked body and is almost beside himself with lust. Finally, the two of them are alone in the house together and Michael finds out that the infatuation is mutual. Michael gets his mouth around that thick meat, gets to fondle those hefty balls, and almost swoons when Bruce returns the favor. At last, Michael experiences the ecstasy of his stepdad’s dick in cowboy, doggy style, and more!

Michael has been raving about his hot stepfather so much that his friend Scottie McWilliams (credited as Zander Lane) wants to find out for himself why this older man is such a big deal. Scottie sneaks into the house one day and sees Bruce lying naked next to the swimming pool. Hoping for a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and more, Scottie goes for a swim and pretends that he’s drowning. Now that he’s got the muscle hunk’s attention, Scottie gets to suck that XL cock. Inside the house, Bruce gives his stepson’s friend a piece of the action, including some intense piledriving thrusts.

When Michael and Scottie are hanging out the next time, they compare notes on their separate experiences with Bruce and laugh about how they were able to seduce him so easily. Bruce overhears this and decides that it’s time to get his “revenge” on these devious twinks and have a threeway. The boys are only too happy to share the beefy older man, getting naked and on their knees to suck him off in the great outdoors. Bruce fucks Michael, who fucks Scottie in a train. Scottie really gets to live the dream of a bottom when his friend and his friend’s dad spitroast him. Watch for Scottie to spread wide for some more piledriver pounding from both Bruce and Michael!

Don’t miss Bruce Beckham’s bareback debut in “Get Your Dick Outta My Son!”

Stars:   Bruce Beckham   Michael Del Ray   Scottie McWilliams
Studio Name:   Men

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