Movie Review: Going Commando 14

Watch Going Commando 14 on AEBN VOD“Going Commando 14” is the latest in one of Active Duty’s finest series dedicated to everyone’s favorite sexy soldiers. Salute!

Princeton Price introduces first-timer Scotty Dickenson not only to the ranks of AD men, but also to the experience of gay sex. You can see that Scotty is excited, especially when he deep-throats Princeton. Soon the two of them are face-first in each other’s packages, their mouths busy sucking balls and shafts in 69. After preparing Scotty’s virgin hole with a sensual rim job, Princeton pushes his hard dick inside and works up to deeper, faster strokes. Soon Scotty’s hole is relaxed, but there’s nothing laid-back about the way he responds to getting fucked. Scotty is an active bottom who loves to be kissed during sex. Eventually, though, Princeton is ready for his turn getting fucked. Scotty has plenty of experience fucking holes, just not men’s asses up until this moment! Princeton’s obvious bliss shows just how good of a top Scotty is. After this sweaty, energetic flip fuck, Princeton and Scotty make a big, cummy mess all over each other’s muscular bodies.

Getting right to the point, Damien Nichols orally engulfs Mathias. You can see that both of these guys are into the blowjob, and soon Mathias wants a taste of Damien’s meat as well. Damien stands and watches Mathias service him until he’s ready to spread his ass and take a deep drilling. Mathias is just as ready to fuck, and he holds nothing back when he starts to raw-dog Damien’s super-tight asshole. Damien’s moans and gasps drive Mathias over the edge, and both men unleash big, creamy cumshots—especially Damien, whose load is awe-inspiring.

Jaxon D can’t wait to suck cock for the first time. Richard Buldger has plenty of length and girth to fill the newbie’s hungry mouth. You’d never know that Jaxon hasn’t given a man a blowjob before; he must have practiced on dildos or cucumbers or something. But then again, who knows what a man likes better than another man? After getting Jaxon’s hole ready with his tongue—and driving the guy wild with ecstasy in the process—Richard slides his dick deep inside and gives him the first ass fuck of a lifetime, something that he’ll never forget.

Richard comes back in the final scene for an incredible taboo threesome with two real twin brothers, Jacob Stax and Michael Stax. If family quality time of this nature gets you off, then there’s no question as to whether you should see this. For those who aren’t already into this niche kink, well, don’t be surprised to find yourself losing your nut over the well-endowed Stax brothers sharing Richard. Jacob and Michael throat fuck Richard together while probing his ass with their fingers. Not wanting to risk everyone losing their loads too soon, the brothers proceed to spit-roast their new fuck buddy in all sorts of ways, making a pyramid with Richard. Seeing and hearing themselves together seems to drive all three men wild just as much as the feelings, and they all shoot huge loads of jizz at the end. Richard ends up doused from head to ass in the brothers’ cum as well as his own.

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