Movie Review: Golden Gate, Episode 2

Naked Sword‘s Golden Gate  series returns in this new episode from the studio’s first-ever original production. Their full season features 12 guys in five hardcore sex scenes – along with five solos – and is an exploration of the sex lives of gay men living in San Francisco.

This title is episode two and features a look at the sex life of tattooed red-head Kennedy Carter and bearded hispanic hottie D.O.

The epidode is called The Island Of Lost Toys – which refers more to Kennedy than a dildo I imagine since it’s his ass getting played with in the video.

After sucking on D.O.’s big tool like an obedient little ginger, it’s on to the ass-pounding action for Kennedy who’s a wonderful bottom boy. Seeing his inked and ripped body flex as he’s being slammed is truly a sight to behold.

D.O. works him through a few different positions before playing with his hot little ass to make him cum.

They’re a couple of contrasts and they work perfectly together in this simple suck and fuck feature.

Watch the full movie here.

Stars:   Kennedy Carter   D.O.
Categories: Feature   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Description:   They say that San Francisco will take you in when no one else will, but that’s little comfort to Alejandro (D.O.) who’s traveled twenty hours to see Adam (Kennedy Carter) – only to get stood up. Without Adam to pick him up, Alejandro’s lost, a stranger in a very strange land. When he stumbles across a café, his luck finally takes a turn for the better.

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