Movie Review: “Guyspotting,” Naked Sword

guyspotting, naked sword, blake mason, nakedsword, mr. pam, Mickey Taylor, Jack Taylor, Kayden Gray, Gabriel Phoenix, Leander, Koby Lewis, Billy Rock, Matthew Anders NakedSword Originals has made a perfect porno for those who love scruffy, edgy young Euros and the movie Trainspotting. This week’s featured film is Guyspotting, inspired by the Scottish movie from the ‘90s that starred Ewan MacGregor and Johnny Lee Miller (and is getting a sequel this year). Guyspotting, however, was filmed entirely in Manchester, England and has a lot more sex appeal.

While Mickey Taylor is in the shower, boyfriends Jack Taylor & Leander can’t keep their hands, mouths, and cocks off each other. They were all going out for the evening but on second thought, the boyfriends would much rather stay in and fuck, which is something they’ve only been able to do when Mickey was asleep or showering every since he’s been staying at their flat. Leander in particular just wants to spend the evening getting fucked. Up against the kitchen counter and then on the kitchen floor, the two of them take turns fucking each other with passion and hunger. After they’ve jerked out their thick, creamy loads, Leander and Jack lick up the jizz and swap it in a sensual kiss. Mickey emerges, clean and dressed to go out, but he’ll have to go out on his own—these two are definitely going for round two after a little “refreshment.”

Kayden Gray is always finding every hot bit of trade there is to be had on Grindr, and Koby Lewis is just the latest lucky twink. After getting his face and his asshole totally used, Koby is so enthralled that he’s ready to plan a second date. Kayden smirks and says if he wanted to date, he wouldn’t be using Grindr. Koby throws something at Kayden as he calls him an arsehole, knocking the lamp off the bedside table. Unfazed, Kayden just picks up the phone to browse for the next twink.

Mickey Taylor has been trying to get Kayden on the phone this whole time. When Kayden finally picks up, he says that he’ll meet Mickey at the pub and bring his roommate, Gabriel Phoenix. He thinks the two of them are each other’s type. When Kayden and Gabriel finally show up two hours later, Mickey is annoyed but soon gets over it thanks to Gabriel. The three of them chug plenty of shots, after which Mickey and Gabriel get to know each other a lot better in a private room upstairs.

This might be yours truly’s favorite scene. Gabriel has been in porn for less than a year and is slaying us all with his physical perfection and stunning performances. Mickey is the sexual genius who put this whole movie together along with director mr. Pam, and in addition to his adorable looks and sexual talent, he’s a musician who wrote the soundtrack for Guyspotting. Put the two of these guys together and it’s an explosive reaction.

But what could be even better than Mickey and Gabriel? Getting the two of them in an orgy with Matthew Anders and Billy Rock! They’ve been partying quite intensely and it’s got them in the mood. On his knees, slutty Mickey slurps all three of the other guys’ cocks. Matthew and Billy are flip-fucking and eventually, all four of them are piled up in a writhing, moaning, panting, thrusting mass of bodies.

Mickey and Gabriel are paired up happily after all is said and done, but Kayden is not so lucky when his latest trade proves to be a problem that he needs his friends to handle, bringing Guyspotting to a dramatic conclusion. It’s a really fun movie full of hot, uncut young British guys.

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Stars:   Jack Taylor   Kayden Gray   Mickey Taylor   Gabriel Phoenix   Leander   Koby Lewis   Billy Rock   Matthew Anders
Studio Name:   Blake Mason  NakedSword Originals

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