Movie Review: Happy Endings

happy endings, raw fuck club, dark alley media, Atlas Grant, Max Adonis, Aaron Trainer, Alessio Vega, Aiden Hart, Drew Dixon, Max Konnor, Seth Knight, Edji Da Silva, Fx Rijos, Osiris Blade, Ryan Powers, Jacen Zhu, bareback, extreme penetration, dp, interracialDark Alley Media’s newly released “Happy Endings” is a free-for-all of XL-hung tops and total dick pigs. These half-dozen scenes of bareback interracial action are just the latest in the studio’s repertoire of condom-free hardcore. Threeways, sex slings, jock straps, muscles, cumming inside: plenty of buttons get pushed here and the result is that you’re going to need a towel.

Atlas Grant and Alessio Vega are up first with a scene that begins with passion kissing, leads to rough fucking, and concludes with a creampie. With his substantial, uncut cock, Atlas has more than enough to fill and stretch Alessio’s hole.

Jacen Zhu offers up his bubble butt up to Edji Da Silva. From the moment we see Jacen stroking Edji’s long, thick meat and then engulfing it with his mouth, the passion between these two is plain to see. After unloading in Jacen’s ass, Edji scoops his jizz out, feeds it to Jacen, and then licks the rest of it off his own fingers. Then he dips his cock into Jacen’s mouth and thrusts it in there a few times, as though Jacen were a human cock washer.

Osiris Blade spends several minutes luxuriating in the sensations of licking and fingering Aiden Hart’s hole, really burying his face in between those round cheeks. Then Osiris fucks Aiden’s mouth before moving on to his elastic hole. Aiden proves that his ass can take an aggressive pounding, even from such a huge black cock.

Max Adonis has an ass that begs to be licked and fucked, and that’s just what Aaron Trainer is here to do. He gets that hole nice and prepped with a long oral session and then pushes his big black anaconda deep inside. Aaron pounds the cum out of Max, who makes a mess on Aaron. Max sits on Aaron’s face while Aaron jerks his load out onto his own rock-hard abs and chest.

FX Rijos and Seth Knight are two infamously well-hung and dominant tops. Drew Dixon is greedy for dick, the bigger and more numerous the better, so he’s thrilled to be on the receiving end of a threeway with FX and Seth. The tattooed tops dump their loads in his well-fucked asshole.

Ryan Powers, greedy pig that he is, has the time of his life in the last scene as Jacen Zhu and Max Konnor feed their big dicks into his mouth and ass. Max and Jacen don’t waste any time getting down to spit-roasting and double-penetrating their hungry blond plaything. The intense, rough threeway comes to a messy finish as Jacen and Max dump their loads in Ryan’s ass and mouth.

“Happy Endings” from Dark Alley Media is an AEBN exclusive.

Stars:   Atlas Grant   Max Adonis   Aaron Trainer   Alessio Vega   Aiden Hart   Drew Dixon   Max Konnor   Seth Knight   Edji Da Silva   Fx Rijos   Osiris Blade   Ryan Powers   Jacen Zhu  
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club 

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