Movie Review: Hard Cuts II

hard cuts ii, hard cuts 2, treasure island media, Paying tribute to the raw fuckers we love so much, Treasure Island Media’s Hard Cuts II is packed with more than 150 minutes of hard-pounding tops and greedy pig bottoms doing it skin-on-skin. Director Liam Cole isn’t afraid to cross boundaries to give bareback porn fans what they want, and he finds the hottest men to do it. Then he lets the camera roll as they fuck like beasts. These British men really hold nothing back in the pursuit of carnal pleasures.

Hot TIM veterans Jessy Karson and Peto Coast team up on a sexy, hungry pig bottom named Nathan Gear. First they shave his head clean and then they dirty him up, taking turns violating him at both ends and pushing him to his limit. It’s an impressive sight to behold as Nathan gets used and somehow doesn’t beg for mercy under their relentless pounding.

Adam Russo, the sexy versatile fuck-machine, has an intimate, sensual, and utterly amazing liaison with young bottom Elio Guzman. The way this scene is filmed gives it an especially seedy and voyeuristic feeling. The way the light bounces off their skin emphasizes the sheen of sweat that builds up on their bodies as they fuck harder and longer. Elio gives it up completely to Adam, and who wouldn’t? The breeding that Adam delivers will leave you hungry to watch it again and again.

TIM exclusive Bruce Jordan is a former truck driver, so Liam Cole hired a truck to help him relive his happy memories of the times when he’d fuck other drivers at truck stops. Bruce takes a relentless breeding from other men throughout the night, including furry French muscle daddy Priam and blond jock Blue Bailey. In all, his greedy fuck hole takes nine hot loads!

Cutler X is a powerful, sexy black stallion who never fails to impress with his power and especially his jaw-dropping size. In another intimately lit, highly voyeuristic scene, he dominates and owns a cute blond bottom named Josh Taylor.

Nathan Gear has such a greed for seed that one scene wasn’t enough. He’s back to take more meat, this time from Latin daddy Lito Cruz. Lito’s huge dick is almost more than Nathan can take down his throat… almost. Then Nathan proves that he’s a bottom you’ll remember and want to watch again when he rides Lito and gets his little ass stretched and filled.

In a scene that was originally banned in the UK, Jessy Karson, Jake Ascott, and Lincoln Gates carry on where we last saw them in Hard Cuts I. They love to get high and screw, and three is way more fun than two. All three of them take turns getting fucked, so no hole is unfilled.

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Stars:   Nathan Gear   Josh Taylor   Cutler X   Adam Russo   Lito Cruz   Lincoln Gates   Peto Coast   Blue Bailey   Jessy Karson   Priam   Jake Ascot   Elio Guzman   Bruce Jordan
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media