Movie Review: Heat Wave 2

It’s almost time for summer vacation in the northern hemisphere, so why not get inspired with a viewing of Heat Wave 2? These ten beautiful men bask in the heat and sun, getting themselves hot and sweaty as they succumb to their sexual desires. There will be no break in the heat, but the forecast does call for a downpour of creamy white stuff.


Jessie Colter and Rafael Alencar enjoy enthusiastic head from each other in the gentle slap of the tide. On the beach, Rafael licks Jessie from cockhead to asshole and back. Jessie returns the favor, then bends over and takes Rafael’s big, beautiful Brazilian dick in his ass. Speaking of asses, watch Rafael’s when he’s thrusting – it’s almost a perfect half-sphere! Now that’s a bubble butt. After an incredibly hot fuck, Rafael aims his load into Jessie’s mouth, cum-swaps with him as they kiss passionately, and licks up the drops from Jessie’s chest.


Framed by golden sunrise, muscular Adam Killian and Chris Daniels share sultry kisses on the beach. They board a yacht and the ocean’s motion compels them to do more than lock lips. These are two gorgeous male specimens and it would be hard to resist either of them in those tiny briefs hugging their butts and nuts. Chris deep-throats Adam and knows when to pull back. They’re all smiles as they pleasure each other orally, but you can see the exhilaration when Adam pounds Chris in his eager hole.


Ripped Bo Dean and John Magnum are sunbathing, but soon things get too hot so they go inside… where they can get even hotter. By a window, they indulge their taste for oral before Bo starts pounding John’s eager ass. They move to the bed where they can fuck more comfortably. They both cum on John’s abs and chest, and John rubs some into Bo’s chiseled torso as they kiss.


Back on the waterfront, Cavin Knight and JR Matthews start the morning on the pier outside their house with a heavy make-out session leading to traded blowjobs and rimjobs. The main event, of course, is an intense flip-fuck.


Bringing our pack of beach sex scenes to a close are Troy Daniels and power-top Cliff Jensen. Rubbing suntan lotion on each other and frolicking in the ocean gets them frisky, so they head to the pool for a more intimate playtime. By the pool, Cliff feeds Troy’s hungry asshole as much as it can handle.


The second in the Heat Wave series is a beautifully filmed movie full of stunning scenery that’s upstaged by all the gorgeous men. It’s as if the Travel Channel had decided to start throwing in some gay porn with their shows and then decided that the porn is the part that most viewers want to see (which it probably would be, come to think of it).


Stars:   Rafael Alencar   Jessie Colter   John Magnum   Bo Dean   Troy Daniels   Adam Killian   J.R. Matthews   Christopher Daniels   Cavin Knight   Cliff Jensen

Categories: Muscles   Outdoors   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

Running Time:   157 minutes

Released:   09/2011

Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

Series:   Heat Wave

Director:   Michael Lucas

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