Movie Review: Helmut’s Accidental Lovers

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Helmut Huxley is beautiful in the way that all Bel Ami boys are beautiful, which is to say that he looks like he shed his angel wings and stepped off a canvas to walk among humans. It would be no accident if anyone were to find himself in bed with this gorgeous specimen of Czech twunkdom, but let’s just suspend our disbelief while we consider “Helmut’s Accidental Lovers” from Bel Ami. Each scene is filled with golden-skinned, full-lipped, smooth-bodied gorgeousness.

After an interview full of dry humor, a retelling of several injuries he’s had on ski/snowboarding trips, and a joking plea for money to help him replace the snowboard that he broke, we get to watch Helmut sensually play with himself. He puts on a good show of slowly pulling out his uncut cock and stroking it to full hardness, thrusting as though fucking an imaginary ass in front of him while two-handing it. In the end, he tastes some of his load and lies back down, softly moaning.

In Mykonos, Helmut is browsing the sunglasses selection in a gift shop when swarthy twink Antony Lorca invites him back to his place where they can fuck. Antony spends a long, luxurious time worshiping every inch of Helmut’s cock with his flickering tongue and sucking lips. The extreme-closeups of the blowjob are exquisite and could be a whole scene on their own, but just wait till you see Antony lick and stick Helmut’s hole.

Now it’s show and tell time. Once, while traveling, Helmut picked up a sexy hitchhiker and it turned out to be this cute blond who now goes by Jarrod Lanvin, who’s sitting next to Helmut on the couch. Jarrod was hot enough to introduce to the porn business. Watching them together in this scene, you could almost believe that there’s no camera and you’re just in the room with two gorgeous young men who can’t get enough of each other. If this is how hot Jarrod is in his debut, nobody will be able to handle him getting too much finer.

Phillipe Gaudin, a Bel Ami production manager, has a lot of work to do and is explaining it all to the camera when one of the models comes in to say he can’t shoot the threeway with Helmut Huxley and Hoyt Kogan (aka Terry Torson) that was scheduled today. From behind the camera, the director asks Phillipe to take his place so they can still film the scene. Phillipe is reluctant, but the director flatters him into it. The other guys are down. Helmut in particular is into it, especially as he just told Phillipe the other day that it was going to happen someday. When he showed up for work, Phillipe had no idea he was about to get spit-roasted. There are certainly fringe benefits when you work on porn sets all day.

After a non-sex interlude with Helmut and his boyfriend, fellow Bel Ami model Jerome Exupery, on a ski trip with plenty of chaotic misadventures, we end the show with Jeroen Mondrian and Torsten Ullman. They’ve just gotten home from the gym and Jeroen reveals that the smell of sweaty gym clothes is turning him on. For Torsten they just stink, but he reaps the benefits of Jeroen’s fetish. Jeroen orally engulfs Torsten’s uncut cock before begging Torsten to fuck him. Torsten doesn’t share Jeroen’s fascination with body odor, but he thoroughly enjoys fucking Jeroen. The chemistry is powerful.

“Helmut’s Accidental Lovers” from Bel Ami is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD, starting today.

Stars:   Jerome Exupery   Helmut Huxley   Torsten Ullman   Antony Lorca   Jarrod Lanvin   Jeroen Mondrian   Phillipe Gaudin   Terry Torson
Studio Name:   Bel Ami

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