Movie Review: Hung Twinks

Watch Hung Twinks on AEBNBoyFun knows just what all of you twink lovers want: beautiful, smooth, hot boys with big dicks and greedy holes. “Hung Twinks” delivers this and more.

Johnny Polak has come a long way to meet and have sex with the well-hung Tommy Hunter, and who would blame him? Rather than be intimidated by the size of Tommy’s endowment, Johnny takes it as a pleasurable challenge. Johnny eagerly licks and sucks from the engorged tip all the way to the base, luxuriating in the salty sweetness of the precum. Then it’s Johnny’s turn to get head, and Tommy makes sure to show his appreciation for what Johnny did for him. Once they’re both throbbing and ready to fuck, Tommy takes charge and stretches Johnny’s hole like it’s never been stretched before. Johnny takes it hard and deep, then gets a hot facial.

While he’s waiting for a meeting, Max Trey is immediately drawn to Evan Ryker, a hot office twink. Max knows from previous experience that he can attract guys by showing them his big, uncut cock, so he pulls it out and starts to stroke the length while making sure Evan can see every inch. It works, of course, and soon the guys are doing some show and tell. Evan grabs Max’s hand and puts it on his fat cock. Not wasting a second, they suck each other off and rub their cocks against each other. Max snacks on Evan’s doughnut and offers his own for Evan to taste. Evan gets the hole wet before pushing his stiff dick inside and pounding him all over the place. Between positions, Max sucks Evan’s dick fresh out of his own ass and then mounts him again. As he bounces, Max frantically masturbates. Evan fucks Max’s load out of him in missionary position before pulling out and unloading on the twink’s face.

David Sky and Nick Danner are a beautiful pair of twinks who share an abiding love of bareback fucking. They’re a gorgeous sight, making out on a patio as the scene begins. Once they move into the bedroom, they can’t keep their hands and mouths off each other. David’s hard-on grows as he orally engulfs Nick’s thick shaft, and later it’s Nick’s turn to taste David. Just when you think these boyfriends might edge each other all the way into orgasm with their mutual blowjobs, they switch it up again. While David lies down with his fat cock pointing at the ceiling, Nick sinks his hole down to the hilt, stretching himself out before really going for a ride. Nick occasionally jerks off as David pounds him in various positions, and when David pulls out to cover Nick’s body with his load, the sight and sound of his lover’s orgasm, combined with the feel of his hot spunk, finally pushes Nick over the edge.

When sexy young Maksym King wakes up with morning wood, all he can think about is taking a pounding and some cum from the gorgeous Antony Carter. The lust is mutual, and the twinks start making out, which quickly leads to Maksym sucking Antony’s hard cock. Antony returns the favor, now matching and even exceeding Maksym’s hunger as he wraps his mouth around his fuck buddy’s erection, then sucks his balls and licks his winking asshole. Just when Maksym can’t take the teasing for another second, Antony lubes up and pushes his raw dick into Maksym’s ass. Soon Antony is thrusting hard and fast, pushing Maksym to his limit as he rides in numerous positions. What sends both boys over the edge is when Maksym lies on his back on the couch so Antony can shove it in deeper. After Antony jizzes on Maksym’s face, Maksym energetically jerks himself to a creamy finish.

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Stars:   Nick Danner   David Sky   Max Trey   Tommy Hunter   Evan Ryker   Johnny Polak   Antony Carter   Maksym King
Studio Name:   BoyFun

Watch Hung Twinks on AEBNWatch Hung Twinks on AEBNWatch Hung Twinks on AEBNWatch Hung Twinks on AEBN