Movie Review: Hungover

The title’s so ingeniously simple that you can’t help but love this new release by Falcon Studios  right off the bat – nor wonder why some other studio hadn’t capitalized on the tongue-in-check name Hungover earlier.

It’s all about orgies for the big-name studio this time around. Whether it be a group blow-bang – which starts the film – or the all-out fuckfest that concludes the release, you can certainly be assured of a buffet of buff hotties to choose from.

The one-on-one, threeway and oral orgy scenes are equally entertaining, but let’s lose the facade and skip right to the scene that’ll be your first port of call before exploring the rest of the film.

In the big anal orgy scene Chris Tyler and his band of brothers are all keen to get down and dirty before Tyler heads out on another deployment. Dylan Hauser is the first to sample the choice slabs of meat from the horny hotties on hand.

It’s bottoms up for Tyler and Parker London as they yield their assholes to Spencer Fox and Conner Maguire respectively, while Dylan Hauser does double duty getting fucked by Jimmy Durano in his hole and Landon Conrad down his gullet.

Things get real crazy when first Dylan and then Chris get gangbanged. And to make sure Chris gets the send-off he deserves, all his friends salute him with shots of cum.

It’s one of Falcon’s biggest group sex titles in a while, and one not to be missed.

Watch the full movie here.
Stars:   Landon Conrad   Parker London   Jimmy Durano   Spencer Fox   Dylan Hauser   Conner Maguire   Chris Tyler
Categories: New Release   Orgies   Muscles   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex
Description:   Neither Landon Conrad nor Parker London can keep their hands off the other as they quickly find themselves in another room fucking like madmen. Landon plows Parker’s tight asshole fast and furious, fueled with lusty excitement as the pizza man gasps with every deep thrust. The ass assault is rugged and relentless as the two muscled studs twist into different positions ensuring that every plunge is felt and savored. Only after both men shoot their loads, do things calm down.


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