Movie Review: Institutional Encounters

Institutional EncountersInstitutional Encounters makes being institutionalized look hotter than it ever has before, as incarcerated piggy bottoms are subjected to hardcore fetish and BDSM at the hands of vicious guards. The action includes enemas, fisting, watersports, and brutal hardcore sex. The steel and concrete setting adds to the roughness, transporting you to a world we daresay few if any have seen firsthand.

Preston Steel is a new inmate at intake. In the wet room, guards Tony Buff and Chris Yosef have a lesson in enema play in store for their brand new piggy bottom. They hose him down on the outside and then on the inside. Steel is in handcuffs and something about being bound and worked over this way gets him as hard as his name suggests. While he sucks Buff’s monster cock, Yosef pisses all over him. This, in turn, gets Yosef hard and he decides it’s his turn to fuck Steel’s eager mouth. The two tops pass Steel between them and he’s hungry for both their poles. Lesson time is over and now Yosef and Buff cum on Steel’s face; Buff is so excited he pops twice. Steel, still handcuffed, jerks out his own hot load, which lands on himself and on the wet room floor. Buff and Yosef “wash” Steel’s cum off with their piss.

Tony Buff tests Leo Forte’s “fighting skills” by sending him into the dungeon to mix it up with Chris Yosef, now in a sling. In spite of his location, Yosef is anything but the passive bottom being fisted. From the beginning, he is clearly the one in charge and definitely topping from the bottom. He tells Forte everything to do, while Forte is keen to please him, making for a scorching scene. Forte is known for being good at spit-lubing a hole and he does it again here, making Yosef’s asshole nice and slippery. He tries to fist glove-free at first but Yosef is having none of it. Hand in glove, Forte fists Yosef exactly as he’s told and even complies when Yosef wants to piss in his mouth. Finally, Forte gets to fuck that hole as a reward for demonstrating excellent skills. Yosef cums first and Forte unloads immediately afterward, all over Yosef’s cock and balls.

The warden, Race Cooper, has one nasty temper when he finds out an inmate has stepped out of line. Tommy Rawlins was running his mouth, so Cooper dunks his head in the toilet several times before throat-fucking him. Cooper makes Rawlins gasp for air at first, but eventually his throat relaxes and soon he’s swallowing that big black cock with relative ease. Rawlins can only comply as Cooper puts him through his paces. He gets fucked with Cooper’s nightstick, pounded with his black dick in doggie, and then fucked missionary style. Cooper practically hoses Rawlins down with his cream and leaves him there to fend for himself.

Muscular, swarthy Alessio Romero evaluates ginger-haired inmate Kyle “the Pig” Wood. Seeing that Wood has “PIG” tattooed on his neck and “faggot” inked on his stomach, Romero doesn’t go easy on the inmate – Woods gets the rough treatment and loves it. There’s plenty of slapping and spitting. Wood pisses on himself and in Romero’s mouth. Romero teasingly sucks Wood just a little bit. All this working out has gotten Romero sweaty enough that he’s able to use his own perspiration to lube up Wood’s asshole! It’s certainly not something you see in just any porno. Romero fists the piggy bottom until his hole gapes, which gets him so excited that he yanks Wood out of the sling and fucks the cum right out of him. Seeing the load produced, Romero grabs Wood by the mohawk and unloads on his face.

It’s a filthy world where fetish is the reality and training sessions are designed to turn the newly incarcerated into world class bottoms. Who better than Raging Stallion Studios and Fetish Force to open the door and director Tony Buff to show you the way?

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