Movie Review: Jessy Karson Getting Fucked

Jessy Karson Getting FuckedIn at least one previous production, popular young stud Jessy Karson had already been seen using all nine inches of his beautiful cock to fuck size queen Sebastien’s greedy asshole with reckless abandon. But Sebastien is versatile and he really wanted to turn the tables on Jessy. Well, don’t forget that even though we have seen Jessy power-fucking plenty of asses, he’s not averse to getting fucked from time to time! Still, this twink turned twunk is more frequently seen as a top, so we were very excited to see how he would react to having Sebastien invade his little pink hole. Did he take it like a man or did he squeal like a pig? You’re really going to enjoy finding out!

This is just one of four pairings to enjoy in Jessy Karson Getting Fucked. Other stars include Lukas Wild and Sascha Vistos, but honestly it’s Jessy who owns this show. It’s always a special thrill watching this sexually adventurous French Canadian in action. He looks good, his body and his moves are sexy as hell, and even when he’s not topping, there is always an undeniable power radiating from him. You can easily imagine what it would be like to get fucked by him, but daydreaming about being the one to slide your cock into his tight hole while watching the other studs in this movie do just that is just about the most erotic thing ever!

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