Movie Review: Let Me Fuck You

Next Door Buddies, Michael Del Ray, Markie More, Ricky Ridges, Jackson Reed, Tom Bentley, Mark Long, Quentin Gainz, Spencer LavalRocco Fallon and Cameron Dalile direct a hot cast of muscular young studs in “Let Me Fuck You” by Next Door Buddies.

Markie More is dating Michael Del Ray’s best friend. One day, Michael tells Markie that he’s got permission from said best friend to fuck Markie if they ever decide they want it. Well, Markie has definitely thought about it, but he doesn’t believe his boyfriend ever said that, so Michael makes a phone call so Markie can hear it firsthand. Markie’s boyfriend confirms Michael’s story, and the two guys waste no time jumping on their chance. Michael whips out his cock and assumes the dominant role, telling Markie to suck it. Markie pushes past the point where the massive member threatens to gag him, making Michael stiffen and grow even bigger in his mouth. Michael bends Markie over and buries his face in between those ass cheeks. Once he’s gotten the hole all wet with his tongue, Michael penetrates Markie and gives him a deep, powerful fuck in several positions. It looks like Markie gets a real shock from the size and girth!

Not one to miss some tasty waves, surfer dude Ricky Ridges tries to kiss his buddy Jackson Reed awake and get him out of bed. But Ricky’s morning wood is getting Jackson as hard as a surfboard, and Jackson decides to satisfy his oral fixation on Ricky, getting him hard too so that he can take a ride on it. Ricky swells to his fullest size and pulls Jackson’s ass down onto him. The sight of Jackson’s perfect bubble butt slamming up and down is enough to make anyone lose their load! Jackson jerks himself off as he rides. Eventually, Ricky decides to flip Jackson over and pound him into the mattress.

Mark Long is a handyman, and sometimes that means he gets a great view of what’s inside the houses. Today, he gets a show while he’s cleaning some windows and notices Tom Bentley taking a shower. When Tom notices that he has an audience, Mark tries to scramble down the ladder and escape. Tom’s not mad, especially when he sees Mark’s bulge. Right there on the front porch in front of the world, Tom kneels and takes Mark’s whole dick down his throat. By the time Tom invites Mark into the house, that big dick is throbbing and Tom’s hole is just twitching for a bareback drilling.

Quentin Gainz has heard rumors that his friend Spencer Laval’s sexuality might be broader than he lets on, so when Spencer is suddenly single again, Quentin has the chance to find out firsthand. When Quentin goes to console Spencer on the breakup, he has fucking on his mind. When Spencer finally admits his attraction to men, Quentin moves in for a kiss and Spencer is receptive to a little tongue action. Spencer’s heartbreak is long gone as Quentin sucks him to full hardness and rides his cock.

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Stars:   Michael Del Ray   Markie More   Quentin Gainz   Spencer Laval   Tom Bentley   Ricky Ridges   Mark Long   Jackson Taylor
Studio Name:   Next Door Buddies

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