Movie Review: Little Caleb Plus Tiny Tom: Chapters 1-5

This week we’re featuring a treat for all of you microphiliacs out there: “Little Caleb Plus Tiny Tom: Chapters 1-5” from Fun Size Boys and Carnal Media.

If you get off on the way that a big man can just pick up a pocket-sized twink and use him like a sex toy, then you’re in the right place. The size difference fetish is what gets these guys going, and you can see it in every moment of the movie, from the anticipation and flirtation to completion.

Before heading off to his freshman year of college, 5’1” Caleb Anthony has a physical exam with LeGrand Wolf, aka Dr. Wolf. The doctor is an endocrinologist specializing in studying size differences in men. Even as he’s being measured Caleb is growing, at least the part of him that’s between his legs. He forgets about his desire to be a big man once he realizes that the doctor is close to 18 inches taller than him. As the exam gets progressively more hands-on, the boy and the man each find themselves getting more excited. Caleb reaches the point of desperation to be fucked when he feels the doctor’s fingers probing his prostate. He enjoys the challenge of fitting all that dick up his ass, and getting to climb this statuesque older man like a jungle gym is certainly one advantage of being small!

After an exhilarating and productive office visit with his new doctor, Caleb is thrilled to be invited to Dr. Wolf’s home for an even more intimate exam that evening. Away from the office, Dr. Wolf can stretch out and get more comfortable with his patient turned fuck buddy, and they can be as loud and rowdy as they wanna be… overnight and for breakfast the next morning.

Next, Dr. Wolf sees Tom Bentley (aka Tiny Tom), who quickly becomes his new favorite patient. It’s not often that Dr. Wolf makes a house call, as he prefers the comforts of his own home, but for Tiny Tom he makes an exception. It’s a holiday visit, but the presents they exchange are the gifts of oral and anal sex. Tom gives his Daddy doctor a deep throating blowjob, paying special attention to his balls. As for Dr. Wolf, he has something special to stuff the boy’s stocking, and he’s even got a giant teddy bear for Tom to use as a cushion as he takes a pounding in the ass.

In the movie’s final scene, Tom gets another thrilling encounter with the titan Dr. Wolf. He just loves the way his good-looking older lover makes him feel with those big muscles, especially the one he keeps in his pants. Dr. Wolf loves getting to be the big, strong man who can pick up this pint-sized twink and pound his little ass into the mattress. It’s amazing that such a small guy can look even more petite with such a big dick in his hole.

“Little Caleb Plus Tiny Tom: Chapters 1-5” is a hot new Fun Size Boys and Carnal Media release that you can find exclusively on our adult VOD theater today!