Movie Review: Locker Room Massages

locker room massages, gay, porn, corbin fisherThis week’s featured movie is a new exclusive to our VOD theater that will tantalize and satisfy all of you who love a good massage with a happy ending. Locker Room Massages from Corbin Fisher features hot young guys with toned muscles that are just begging for a good kneading—and other muscles that can’t get any relief without something deeper and more intimate.

Scene one sets the action in a locker room, where Tobias has been working out and needs a rubdown to help his body relax. His workout buddy, Harper, just happens to know where all the trigger points are and how to work out the knots, but having his hands on his muscular pal’s body just makes both of them horny as hell. Harper decides that Tobias needs some tongue-to-bunghole massage for further relaxation and before you know it, some hot bareback penetration has commenced. This scene has no frills, little foreplay, but plenty of fucking on the massage table.

The next scene sees the rubdown action moved into a sunny room. Tanner, a sexy young stud with a nicely rounded ass, lies face down on the table as his massage-skilled friend, Kennedy, pours on the oil and massages some knots out. Things take a natural progression from there, because Tanner’s moans of pleasure throughout the massage drive Kennedy crazy with lust. Kennedy plants his face between Tanner’s ass cheeks and tickles his pucker with a probing tongue. Tanner, grateful for the massage and ass play, wraps his lips around Kennedy’s cock. Eventually Kennedy is so hard he can’t wait another minute to climb up on the table with Tanner, where he grinds against him for a moment before pumping into his ass and blowing his load all over Tanner.

On a massage table, Cameron lies stretched out on his stomach so that Connor can drizzle the oil down his muscular back and bubble butt. The candles are lit and the instrumental music is playing. The oil is warm and slippery as Connor rubs it in. Soon Cameron is flipping over so that his sexy, ripped friend can show some attention to his throbbing dick. Connor slides a lubricated finger in Cameron’s ass as he strokes Cameron’s cock. Some toe licking and ass licking add to the foreplay and then, after both buddies are aching to cum, the raw, sensual fucking brings them both to a much-needed orgasm.

Kaleb is a 25-year-old jock who seems excited but a little nervous as the director has a little pre-scene chat. He’s got a sexy, toned body from his favorite pastimes, which include cycling, swimming, and even ballet, which he’s been doing for a couple of years. Bradley is a popular returning Corbin Fisher model who’s here to break Kaleb in with a rub, tug, and suck. As a newbie, Kaleb is easing into his CF experience with no fucking yet, but it’s a hot scene that will leave you wanting to see more of this interesting hottie.

Locker Room Massages is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Connor   Cameron (Corbin Fisher)   Bradley (Corbin Fisher)   Kennedy (Corbin Fisher)   Tanner (Corbin Fisher)   Kaleb (Corbin Fisher)   Harper (Corbin Fisher)   Tobias (Corbin Fisher)  
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher 

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