Movie Review: Lucas Kazan Productions’ “Strangers and Lovers”

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Hungarian superstar Darius Ferdynand is a writer who’s working on a new erotic short story. His crush on the gorgeous stranger he sees around Madrid every day has inspired this new piece. The mystery man is Spanish stud Denis Vega, a muse we can all appreciate. As Darius narrates we see Denis in the shower, locking eyes with us through the camera as he caresses his wet chest and dips his hand below the level of the camera’s vision. The fantasy builds into Denis smashing his thick lips against Darius’, pulling him off his feet and holding him close as they make out. Their hungry kisses lead to Darius orally servicing Denis and climbing on to get his hole eaten. Darius stands on a table and face fucks Denis for a long time. Then Darius’ fantasy turns to Denis kissing him slowly as he lays him on a table and fucks him missionary style. Darius daydreams of them jerking out their loads side by side. Narrating the scene again, Darius declares that today they’ll finally meet and his fantasies will come true.

Raffaele is Sicilian, 24 years old, and a newcomer to porn. Something tells us he won’t need to keep his bartending job, based on the way he looks and performs during his stunning solo in scene two. His body is sculpted to perfection, his cock makes your mouth water, and he loves showing how he can handle it! Raffaele says that a guy once paid him handsomely for a chance to suck that cock, which is pierced on the shaft just under the head. We certainly can’t blame the guy.

Dutch stud Logan Moore and gorgeous Cypriot Leo Domenico are the gorgeous couple on the box cover… or at least they were a couple. In the midst of their devastating breakup, Logan can’t stop remembering how they met, how they loved, and how they fucked. In scene three we watch a memory of their powerful sexual chemistry, their luscious cock sucking giving way to Leo tonguing Logan’s bunghole and Logan bouncing on Leo’s dick. Later they embrace in a sensual 69 and cum together. It’s so bittersweet to watch a loving couple having such deep, soulful, and just plain hot sex knowing that they aren’t together anymore. Lucas Kazan has given us a beautiful portrait of love and loss with this scene.

Next, we get to know more about Logan during an interview with cut scenes of him working out and masturbating—plunging his fingers into his own ass as he pumps his meat. It’s easy to get lost in Logan’s gorgeous blue eyes and easygoing smile while listening to him talk about his turn-ons and his biggest fantasy (to be a bottom in a gangbang).

Darius narrates another scene based on his erotic writings. Spanish cutie Robbie Rojo is a hot young tourist who gets lost in Madrid. Fellow Spaniard Gabriel Vanderloo helps him find his way—to bed, that is. Gabriel’s bearded masculinity is a great contrast to Robbie’s twinkish, caramel-skinned smoothness as they fuck deeply. Robbie is happy to let Gabriel take control of his ass. This scene is full of intense, tongue-swirling kisses and hungry cock sucking.

Carmelo is another stunning Italian who makes his debut in this film. It’s hard to overstate how beautiful he is—Michelangelo would have paid handsomely for his services as a model. Carmelo is 20 years old with a body that’s the result of many hours spent in the gym or on an athletic field. As he shows off his gleaming torso he talks about his bisexual experiences and his enjoyment of giving and receiving rimjobs. Carmelo models for the camera, shows off his ass, takes a piss, and strokes his curved cock. Late in the scene another stud joins him to compare cocks, but this is a masturbation-only scene. It will be great to see what this beauty has in store for us next.

Strangers and Lovers is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Logan Moore   Leo Domenico   Gabriel Vanderloo   Darius Ferdynand   Denis Vega   Robbie Rojo   Raffaele (Lucas Kazan)   Carmelo (Lucas Kazan)
Studio Name:   Lucas Kazan Productions 

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