Movie Review – Massage Parlor: Bored Husband Needs to Come Out and Play

the massage parlor, bored husband needs to come out and play, rock candy films, shay michaels, mike dozer, nica noelle, gay massage, gay porn, muscle bears, first time gay sexThe latest installment in Rock Candy Films’ Massage Parlor series is a straight-guy fantasy you don’t want to miss. Bored Husband Needs to Come Out and Play stars Shay Michaels and Mike Dozer, two hot muscle bears.

Massage therapist Mike Dozer is a solid mountain of a man who specializes in clients that are referred to him by a psychologist. These are all uptight straight men who are repressing their lust for other men.

Shay Michaels is a totally built married stud who’s lost all interest in his wife. Mike’s mission is to warm him up to the idea of sex and then seduce him without giving away the plan. First he gets Shay to talk in a natural way that’s nothing out of the ordinary for a guy getting his first massage from another man. He jokes about taking Shay’s man-on-man massage virginity, noting that Shay just laughs it off and doesn’t get tense—a good sign. At one point Shay reveals that an “effeminate young guy” at work was hitting on him, and that if he were going to be with a man he’d want it to be a masculine guy. You almost expect him to add, “a guy like you,” but he doesn’t.

When Mike’s hands inch toward Shay’s butt crack, the camera shows Shay looking slightly apprehensive but interested. Shay flips over when Mike asks, and gets a drizzle of oil down both legs. The more intimate the rubdown of his front side goes, the more you can see Shay struggling with his conflicting desires: keeping it inside or giving up the charade and embracing his lust for rugged men. If you aren’t already fully sprung from watching this mounting sexual tension, then be prepared to stand at attention when Mike stops circling Shay’s stiffening cock and just strokes his hand right over it. The way Shay’s erection bounces will make yours do the same.

Once the pretense is dropped, their mouths and bodies crash together with primal desire. They don’t just kiss; they seem to want to get inside each other through their mouths. Greedy moans and face-sucking lead to blowing and humping, which leads to Mike gently encouraging Shay as he lowers his ass down onto a hard dick for the first time. Mike’s got a perfect way of easing Shay into anal sex without skimping on the deep thrusts. After taking it on top, from behind, and in missionary, Shay heaves an animalistic grunt as he jerks out a load. Mike strokes Shay’s sensitive cock, making Shay laugh like a whole other kind of huge load has just been lifted off his shoulders. Then Mike’s back inside Shay, thrusting a few more good, hard times until he’s ready. He pulls out, yanks off the condom, and adds his cum to the sticky goodness on Shay’s abs. For Shay, it’s exactly the kind of first time so many of us would love to have.

These are two men you could find in the encyclopedia under the entry for “masculine.” Where is this massage parlor and how can we book a session?

Stars:   Shay Michaels   Mike Dozer
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films