Movie Review: Men in Love

Men in LoveJust like fashion, even in porn there are things that go in and out of style. There has been a trend toward romanticism lately. Call it backlash against an increasingly brutal sexual style; call it a way to interest viewers in spending more money on porn; call it pure escapism. Whatever you want to attribute this phenomenon to, it’s something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Why analyze it, though? When it comes to porn, if it feels good, do it. The combination of sex and romance feels great and it doesn’t even have to take a lot of plot to get the feeling across.

Few studios are as ideally suited to this kind of story as Lucas Entertainment, a company that has frequently brought high levels of passion and romance to its big-budget features over the years. This is not a feature, but the sun-splashed eye candy the studio is known for is an enchanting way to show us Men in Love.

It’s often said that love takes sex to a higher level. Your whole body is attuned to the emotions you feel inside. The slow, sensual touches and the intense eye contact speak of the chemistry between lovers who have that special bond that goes beyond penetration, beyond mere lust.

Boyfriends Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones make passionate love in the woods. On a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, the beautiful Will Helm seduces Damien Crosse. In the glow of many candles, sexy Latin hunk Rafael Carreras bathes his lover Leo Helios and ravages him right there in the tub. On a beach, muscular lovers Ben Brown and Scott Carter have sex while the waves’ crashing provides a naturally rhythmic soundtrack. Lastly, handsome Jean Franko dominates sensual bottom Jessie Colter and feeds him his load.

You’ll find it easy to fall in love with a fantasy as you watch these gorgeous men take the beauty of sex to a deeper soul level.

Men In Love
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Stars:   Damien Crosse   Will Helm   Issac Jones   Jessie Colter   Leo Helios   Rafael Carreras   Ben Brown   Jonathan Agassi   Scott Carter   Jean Franko
Categories: Muscles   Anal   Boyfriends   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   161 minutes
Released:   01/2012
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment
Director:   Michael Lucas

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