Movie Review: Men Noir 5

men noir 5, falcon studios, interracial, gay, fabio stallone, lawson kane, diesel washington, tristan mathews, josh west, race cooper, victor steele, steve cruz, orlando toro, trey casteel, antonio biaggi, kamrun, luke hass, rj danvers, orgy, valentin petrov, sean lawrenceThe latest in a must-see collection, Men Noir 5 compiles some of the greatest Factory Studios interracial scenes to celebrate the gorgeous men of color who have graced the company’s movies.

Fabio Stallone’s libido is in overdrive and he’s met his match in mocha-skinned hunk Lawson Kane. The heat between this muscular duo builds as they kiss passionately and play with each other. Lawson blows Fabio’s uncut dick, flicking his tongue all around the foreskin. Fabio returns the favor, going down to the balls. Lawson buries his face between Fabio’s round butt cheeks and tongues his pucker. Fabio climbs on for a ride that makes his erection swing, and jacks off as Lawson fucks him from behind. Lawson jerks out a load as Fabio locks lips with him, and Fabio finishes on Lawson’s face. They share a hot, sloppy kiss.

Diesel Washington has dominant presence to spare. He uses his eager little man whore, Tristan Mathews, to act out his carnal demands—even the kinkiest ones. As he’s putting Tristan through his paces with some awe-inspiring sexual gymnastics, Diesel devises some unconventional acts including a vodka enema. There’s plenty of aggressive face fucking and hard ass drilling, culminating in a sloppy shower of jizz all over Tristan’s face. Diesel gets his money’s worth and Tristan has enjoyed every second of a hard night’s work.

At first, Josh West is oblivious to ripped black stripper Race Cooper’s ass-swiveling gyrations up on the stage. Race places his muscular ass where Josh can grab it and winks his hole at him. Finally hooked, Josh tucks some cash under the strap and tastes Race’s pucker. Josh dares Race to pull out his cock, and plays with the hot stripper’s nipples while getting one hell of a blowjob. Race leaps onto Josh’s raging hard-on and takes a wild ride, with his own big black cock freed from the confines of his jockstrap. Speaking of said garment, it makes a great handle when Josh pulls Race up off his feet for a deeper, harder fuck. After shooting a big load as he’s getting nailed hard, Race catches Josh’s jizz in his mouth.

A bunch of soldiers give new meaning to the word “grunt.” Victor Steele, Steve Cruz, Orlando Toro, Trey Casteel, Antonio Biaggi, Kamrun, Luke Hass, and RJ Danvers indulge in a piggy, aggressive orgy, sucking each other’s dicks and paying special attention to Antonio’s staggering 11 inches. Steve and Trey are blissed out together, Orlando and Kamrun pair off… groups and pairs form and break off into other groups and pairs. In the end, if you haven’t already lost your load several times, you’ll blow at the sight of Kamrun’s white cum dripping down his rock-hard black dick.

White Russian Valentin Petrov and black soldier Sean Lawrence are a couple of activists who take a break from recruitment for some sucking and fucking. The revolution really gets a guy horny, especially when you’re working alongside a stud like these two. Their hefty meat unleashed, they test their gag reflexes on each other. Valentin goes first, working over Sean’s huge black rod. After Sean deep-throats Valentin’s uncut dick, they’re both too excited to wait a moment longer. Sean drives deep and fast into Valentin’s hungry hole, making him moan so hard it eggs Sean on to fuck him even harder. Valentin jerks out his own load, which is soon followed by Sean’s copious cream.

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Stars:   Lawson Kane   Kamrun   Chad Hunt   Steve Cruz   Diesel Washington   Josh West   Tristan Mathews   Antonio Biaggi   Orlando Toro   Victor Steele   Race Cooper   Fabio Stallone  
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios Group