Movie Review: Mormon Boyz, “Elder Ence Chapters 1-4”

elder ence, chapters 1-4, mormonboyz, mormon boyz, gay, twink, porn, elder sorensen, president oaks, president nelson, elder dudleyDuring missionary training Elder Ence earned a reputation for misbehaving, but it was usually stuff like sneaking pizza in or skipping LGMs (Large Group Meetings).  Now that he’s out in the field the chances for misbehaving are even greater, and he’s getting into some forbidden mischief with Elder Dudley, his companion. The mission president is just about to kick Elder Ence out when the Order nominates him for recruitment instead. Elder Ence Chapters 1-4 from Mormon Boyz is the torrid tale of his advancement through various horny boys and men to get to the inner sanctum of the Order.

Elder Sorensen is well on his way to joining the Order himself, but he needs to prove himself once more before he can be ordained. He’s deliberately been assigned to a room with Ence for one night in order to see if Ence has what it takes to recruit new boys for the mission. Nobody can resist Sorensen’s tasty cock and hole, so naturally Ence puts the moves on him, unaware that this was always the plan. Ence gets hard, believing Sorensen’s claim of virginity, and soon hops into bed with the tempting twink. Sorensen’s cock tastes good and Ence almost has him cumming too soon with his eager deep throating.  They slow it down so that they can fully enjoy the sweetness of the forbidden fruit.

No sooner has Ence shot his load all over Sorensen than Sorensen tells him about the Order. Ence gets stiff all over again as Sorensen tells him how the older priests pick sexy, obedient young initiates to fuck and introduce them to pleasures they’ve never known. When Ence is late to meet with President Nelson the next day, the muscular and domineering older priest makes him pay for his disrespect with a punishing but pleasurable fuck.

After he hears about what a good, obedient initiate Elder Ence turned out to be, President Oaks has the pleasure of examining and experiencing him firsthand. President Oaks is responsible for teaching the boys how to give and receive sexual pleasure within the Order. This includes anointing them with ceremonial oil and ritualistically sucking and fucking them. After he sucks the cum out of the boy’s achingly hard cock, President Oaks penetrates that tight hole and takes complete ownership of his ass.

Now that he knows what can happen when he surrenders to the will of the older men in the Order, Ence is willing to do whatever President Oaks and the other church leaders want him to do. He is brought to the temple veil to service a mysterious stranger while President Oaks watches and encourages him. President Oaks teases Ence’s asshole while the anonymous man’s veiny, throbbing cock hits the back of his throat and the ball sack slaps his chin. Greedy for more, Ence wills his sphincter to open as wide as it can for President Oaks’ hard dick. President Oaks grabs Ence by the hips and thrusts into him even harder as the stranger splashes the boy’s face with cum. The unknown man leaves Ence alone with President Oaks, who gives him the ride of his life and fills him with the sacred and profane pleasure of man meat one more time. Elder Ence finally understands how free it feels to be a vessel for another man’s pleasure.

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Stars:   Elder Dudley   Elder Ence   President Nelson   President Oaks   Elder Sorensen
Studio Name:   Mormon Boyz