Movie Review: My Daddy Issues

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New college freshman Colby Cross is renting a room from a hot older man, Scott Pierce. This relationship goes well beyond the average tenant/landlord situation, right from the first day. With his mouth full of DILF dick, Colby already knows he made the right decision by skipping the dorm life. Scott pulls Colby’s underpants off and tastes that twink taint before cramming his ass full of raw dick. Colby cums so hard it lands in his own mouth. Forget living in a dorm when you can have a live-in sex partner who’s older and really knows how to fuck way better than the other college boys.

When delivery boy Cesar Xes can’t make change, he decides that DILF meat is a much better tip, anyway. As for Victor Cody, he can’t wait to taste that young meat! He plays with the foreskin, nipping and sucking. Cesar drives deep down Victor’s throat. In return, Victor licks and sticks Cesar’s boyish bottom. Victor fucks Cesar raw and hard till the twink shoots a huge load, which Victor licks up like cream. It’s so hot and tasty that Victor is inspired to cream that young twink asshole!

Donny Ray is a studious young man with mocha skin and glasses that give him that hot collegiate cuteness. What he mainly likes to study is white daddies at the swimming pool! Patiently he cruises for a mature man to fulfill his hunger. Finally, along comes silver daddy Peter Fulton. Donny’s excited to service him on the patio by the pool, his jock strap nicely framing that little tight hole that Peter spears and screws with his condomless cock.

After ogling the sexy daddies at the gym, Landon is more than ready for DILF Travis Woods to suck his throbbing tool. Travis is hungry for that young meat, and loves the feel of Landon’s mouth on his own huge cock. Landon spreads his cheeks for Travis to rim him and rub his silver beard all up in his crack. Travis plunges himself balls-deep within Landon, who goes crazy for that deep penetration and gets even more excited as Travis shoves him down even harder. After a rambunctious fuck, Landon scoops up the hot daddy’s load from his belly and uses it to jerk out his own jizz.

Back for more, Donny Ray meets muscular Sailor Blue at the pool, his favorite cruising spot. Intrigued, Sailor gets out of the pool and quickly begins fucking Donny’s face. He plants his mouth on that sweet twink rosebud, gets him wet, and then rides that greedy little hole to a hot, sticky finish.

These twinks know exactly what they want, and it’s well-aged beef! My Daddy Issues will leave you breathless and drained in the best way.

Stars:   Victor Cody   Cesar Xes   Travis Woods   Donny Ray   Peter Fulton   Sailor   Colby Cross   Scott Pierce   Landon (ll)
Studio Name:   Bareback Me Daddy  CJXXX